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About Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson HeadshotBecky Robinson is the CEO and founder of Weaving Influence Inc., a social media consulting and implementation company specializing in helping authors and thought leaders grow their online influence and market their books.

Becky equips and trains a growing team to partner with and serve top-level clients. Since she founded Weaving Influence in 2012, Becky and her team have successfully launched over 30 books, growing from five regular contractors to more than twenty-five in the last year.

One of the greatest values Becky brings is her network of relationships in the Leadership/HR blogging space. She formed Team Buzz Builder, a supportive community of bloggers that she mobilizes on behalf of authors.

She also has an extensive network of online followers through the Twitter accounts @beckyrbnsn, @weaveinfluence, @teambuzzbuilder, @teamfaithbuildr, and her PR branch @wiauthors.

Becky is the author and creator of the several e-books, including 12 Minutes to Change Your Day, Your Book Deserves a Celebration, and 31 Days of Twitter Tips: Grow Your Online Influence, 12 Minutes at a Time.

Becky’s writing has been published in Chicago Parent magazine, the Insider (a print newsletter of the Kevin Eikenberry group), the State Journal, and American Jail magazine. She also published three white papers through Mountain State University.

In addition to her own Weaving Influence blog, Becky has contributed to several others, including the Lead Change Group, the Bud To Boss Community, A Hopeful Sign, and Women Of HR. Becky previously wrote and managed Mountain State University’s LeaderTalk.

She is a wife and mother of three daughters.

About seven years ago, I started thinking seriously about I wanted to do when all three of our children entered school. I enjoyed my career before kids, but I adored my life as a full-time stay-at-home mom and home educator. Honestly, I had no idea of how to balance parenthood and a new job or career, especially since my husband’s job career requires him to be always on call and all in.

On New Year’s Day 2009, I joined Facebook, and a connection to a high-school friend ushered me into a new career. By that April, I had become a professional blogger. You can read more about how that journey began – and how it changed my life here.

In December 2010, I started a new adventure with the Kevin Eikenberry Group, expanding my skills in social media, especially in using social media to launch and market books. I worked with Kevin as his social marketing director until June 2012. These experiences exposed me to the people and ideas that ultimately led me to start my own business.

I’ve built Weaving Influence around a core of using social media to launch books, primarily in the business, leadership, and human resources fields. I am passionate about helping authors through our proven process of build-work-launch-advance, in which we first build authors’ online presence and then work to prepare for launching their books.

Once a book is launched, we partner long-term with authors to sustain attention to each book and its message, create strong sales beyond the first week, and ignite other opportunities for each author.

My own experience of seeing my life transformed by social media connections inspires me to help others connect with their own opportunities through social media: in finding work (I’ve discovered several team members through Twitter), promoting their books and ideas, and growing their businesses.