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Christine Mason

Christine Mason
Christine Mason has been a leader in the tech sector for twenty-five years as the venture backed founder and CEO of several companies. She has always been a convener, bringing people together to have conversations around growth and change, and to spark connection and action around what is possible in the world. She is the president of Now Labs; curator of nine TEDxs; convener of Naked Conversations; and founder of LoveSpring, Exquisite, and the Frequency (and throws a hell of a dinner party).

Her own deep journey exploring anger, violence, and disconnection in the aftermath of her mother’s murder, early abandonment, and general chaos have propelled her explorations into the interior life and capacity of the individual to heal and connect; her work as a victims’ right advocate for restorative justice and prison reform; and her role as an investigator into the neuroscience of human evolution and behavioral change.

Christine is also a yoga teacher, artist, musician, and a mom of six.

Books By Christine Mason

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    There are more people living alone than at any time in history, and more depression than ever recorded. Violence to ourselves and each other continues to cast long shadows across generations. We are fragmented individually and collectively, to the point of vile speech and hate crimes based on false divisions. How do we heal? How do we create a new way to love together?

    Christine Mason starts Indivisible with her own story – traversing continents and walks of life in search of the answers to questions such as: Why do I feel alone in a room full of people? Do others feel this way? Why are people mean, or violent to each other? Is that reversible? How do we make more love and less conflict happen? Can we make a world that works better for all of us?

    She finds in her search that all kinds of replicable miracles happen when we put connection first. Indivisible explains how to move away from loneliness, anger, and violence to a life designed for connection and joy.

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