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Watch Me On TV

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I visited our local TV station a week or so ago and filmed a segment about my latest e-book, 12 Minutes to Change Your Day, available for free download now through April 1st.

This is my first ever TV appearance, and although I don’t really love watching myself on TV, my husband said I did a good job, my kids said I did a good job, and my Facebook friends were enthusiastic. So, »

How Long Does It Take?

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How much time did you spend planning your wedding? How much time did you spend preparing?

Guys, did your bride-to-be nudge you toward a long engagement, with plenty of time to plan? Do you remember the months of preparation? The tuxedo fittings and cake tastings?

Ladies, did you start browsing bridal magazines long before your guy popped the question?

Or maybe you dreamed of your wedding day as a little girl and imagined the perfect »

Use the Calendar

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Without a doubt, people around the world today are thinking about the events of September 11, 2001.

It is early morning on the east coast of the US, and already my Facebook stream is filled with remembrances and prayers for families of the victims of the attacks on 9/11.

I am sure that the topic will trend on Twitter today.

In real life, people will hold prayer meetings and vigils. My daughter, who is in 6th »

Let Me See What You See

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As a writer, I love blog posts and I’d far rather read (or write) one than watch a video or listen to a podcast.

Part of my issue is impatience, I think; I can read at my own pace but if I’m listening or watching, I must listen to or watch until the end to get all the content.

I know that many people prefer a different delivery of information, this generation of Youtube and »

End of Summer Fun: Polls and Questions

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I love questions, silly and serious. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

By combining a blog post with questions on other social media sites, you can extend and repurpose the content.

For example, yesterday, I posted about my Twitter Tips E-book and introduced the topic with some conversation about how I am winding down the summer.

That post could become two polls or sets of questions: one about the Twitter Tips E-book and »

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