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Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by @btreasurer

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Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by Bill Treasurer

What makes a great leader? Some say it’s success, money, fame, or recognition. Well, on a deeper level, a true leader is someone who can rise above their mistakes and grow in those moments. It is easy to find a book with guidance on how to become a great leader, but growing through your mess-ups is a topic rarely covered in the leadership world. Until now…

In his new book released on January 16th, our »

Featured on Friday: The #FiveThieves by @DrJohnIzzo

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Featured on Friday: The Five Thieves by Dr. John Izzo

Welcome to 2017! It’s a New Year, and quite possibly a new you. With each ringing in of the New Year, we all hope that this will be the year things will change. We will finally get the dream job, lose the extra weight, make more time for our families- we will finally find true happiness.

Think about it, isn’t that what we all seek? Our basic human nature urges us to find a sustaining happiness, »

The Pitching Game: How PR Is Like Dating

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The Pitching Game: How PR Is Like Dating

Zoosk. Tinder. Match.

The internet has changed the world of dating as much as it has changed the world of media.

That said, when it comes to finding a media match—the process isn’t much different than what it was like three decades ago—research and relationship building are still key to finding the right mate.

Much of public relations work is behind the scenes. PR requires a lot of time, skill, luck, and effort to land »

The Zombie of the Public Relations World

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The Zombie of the Public Relations World

For the past few years, there’s been a myth swirling around the public relations world about a zombie being in our midst. This so-called zombie can be recognized by its headline, subhead, dateline, and lead.

It’s a press release.

With news like the Public Relations Society of America sayings the release is dead, companies like Twitter claiming to not ever needing to send one, and reports of journalists saying they get dozens of »

The Heart of An Author’s Online Influence

The Heart Of An Author’s Online Influence

As our CEO Becky Robinson likes to say, your website is the only place online that you really control online. For that reason, we consider it the essential foundation for building stable and influential thought leadership in your field.

For authors, having a website that effectively communicates with your readers and potential readers about who you are will help to build community around your book(s), engage your readership, and encourage sales of your books and other »

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