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Website Basics & Blogging Playbook

Website Basics & Blogging Playbook

The Website Basics & Blogging Playbook Will Help You:
  • Decide what pages your website needs and create them.
  • Understand the value of creating fresh, relevant content for your website.
  • Uncover the secret of the 12-Minute Blog post.
  • Discover how to connect with other bloggers in your niche.
  • Find an audience for your blog.
Try The Website Basics & Blogging Playbook

If you want to create a basic website for your business and to begin to create/share valuable blog content, the Website Basics & Blogging Playbook will provide tips and tools to get you started. You can use the Website Basics & Blogging Playbook as a starting point to build your online presence and influence through your blog and website, twelve minutes at a time.

If you’re looking for a little more support and direction, contact Becky to find out about services offered by Weaving Influence, including webinars, consulting, coaching, implementation, editing, training, speaking, and content creation.

What’s Next?

Download this FREE E-BOOK as a starting point in your website & blog development. We’re confident that these tips, tools, and techniques will help you stay focused and be efficient in creating a powerful web presence for your business.