Would you like to grow your influence on Twitter?

We are confident that using these 31 Tips will help you do just that. When you use these tips, you’ll build stronger relationships and firmly establish your brand on Twitter.

Here’s the challenge: Implement the tips for 31 days and see what happens.

1. The first step is to download the 31 Day Twitter Tips e-book. The book is available now on 12minutemedia.com.

2. Next, read and implement the tips, one day at a time, 12 minutes at a time.

3. When you have completed the 31 days of tips, send an email to twittertips@weavinginfluence.com, outlining your experience and results, and giving us permission to share your comments and stories on our website.

As an incentive to take the 31 Day Twitter Challenge, we’ll send you another resource, the 12 Minute Media Strategy and Branding Playbook (a $57 value) to help you extend your influence — as a thank you gift.

As you implement the tips throughout the 31 days, we’d love to see you tweet about it, using the hashtag #12MinuteTip so that we can track the use of this guide and tips.

If you want an easy way to “share the love”, you can also use ready-made tweets that we’ve created for you, complete with links and hashtags.

If you want to share the 31 Day Challenge with more people, there are several badges that you can post on your blog or website to show that you’ve participated in/completed this challenge.

We believe that Twitter can be a powerful tool. The 31 Day Challenge is a great way to learn how to use it, and we look forward to hearing how it helped you.  See you in 31 days!

Questions? Email us at twittertips@weavinginfluence.com or tweet @beckyrbnsn

Are you up for the challenge?