Content Marketing & Webinars

Content Marketing & Webinars

Webinars Provide Powerful Exposure To An Engaged Audience

Your online presence is an interconnected part of a bigger picture. By keeping your content valuable, relevant and visible, we can drive continued interest in your influence. Our goal is to help you sustain ownership of the online influence you’ve worked so hard to create. Content marketing and webinars are just a few ways in which we can help your online presence remain visible and top-of-mind.

When you host a webinar with the help of Weaving Influence, we provide all of the tools necessary for creating successful online influence through your thought leadership. Webinars are a powerful tool for exposure for you, your book, and your ideas to a receptive audience. Engaging content and a connection to your expertise are proven to be a strong call to action for people to buy your book and/or explore your work more closely.

The Weaving Influence Webinar Team Will:

  • Produce and moderate the webinar with you in support of your book launch or other content.
  • Provide consulting & training prior to the webinar to assist you in preparing your material.
  • Create promotional materials for the webinar & promote it through your social media channels.
  • Promote the event to our targeted and high impact list of more than four thousand business.
  • Promote the event to specific list segments such as NGO, government, and educational contacts.
  • Live tweet the webinar.
  • We will follow up with appropriate calls to action to drive additional interest in your book and offers.
What People Are Saying

“The webinar I did with Becky and her Weaving Influence team was the kicker my business needed. Not only did I sell books, but the visibility led to me to connect both with new prospects and with old clients who thought it was time to hire me again. Becky’s team did great work getting the word out and supplying me with what I needed to attract people from my lists as well. The webinar delivery went smoothly. The follow-up was timely. I will recommend Weaving Influence any chance I can.”

~ Marcia Reynolds
Author of The Discomfort Zone
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