Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Expand Your Influence Through Strategic Use of Social Media

At its core, success in social media is about relationships. Our team at Weaving Influence will help you leverage a variety of social media channels to help you identify and form relationships, while offering memorable, compelling content to your network of influencers.

A strong social media brand drives those interested in your message to become a loyal, engaging audience. Our in-house social media strategists will work with you to develop a strategic engagement plan to help you connect with the audience that most needs to hear your message. Along the way, we will continue to measure results and adjust tactics to help you meet your long-term goals.

Wonderful things happen when you show up to share authentic content, initiate conversations, and interact directly with your online community. Weaving Influence is dedicated to helping make this possible.

Our Social Media Team Will:

  • Curate compelling social media content from your body of work.
  • Drive increased traffic to your websites and landing pages.
  • Grow your social media following and increase community engagement.
  • Forge meaningful relationships with influencers in your target demographic.
  • Share valuable brand content from an extensive range of social media platforms.
  • Continually assess the impact of social media engagement and recalibrate strategy.
  • Interact in meaningful ways with followers to build valuable relationships.
  • Create innovative methods to expand your audience and social media presence.
What People Are Saying

Working with Weaving Influence has been truly a dream by architecting a group of consummate social media and PR professionals: highly qualified, extremely responsive, and a joy to work with. More importantly, I’ve seen dramatic results. In addition to landing articles and interviews in high profile publications, my social media channels get daily attention, my followers have steadily increased, and I’m making more connections with potential clients. Weaving Influence is the perfect partner for my social media and PR needs.

~ Melissa Lamson
Founder Of Lamson Consulting, LLC
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