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Are you an open-minded person? Of course you are! It’s other people who are the problem, right? Sometimes trying to communicate with them is frustrating, drains your energy, and feels nearly impossible. But guess what? Those people think they are open-minded too, and they probably think you’re the problem.

What if you could turn the desert of miscommunication that exists into an oasis where you can have refreshing conversations that will lead to empathy, insight, and reach mutually beneficial agreements? In OASIS Conversations, Ann Van Eron draws on scientific brain research and her years of coaching experience to teach readers a process to achieving mind-opening connections with others.

Find out why global organizations, Fortune 500 corporations, and even families are benefiting from the OASIS Conversation® process. Learn how to minimize misunderstandings and reap amazing results. A better way awaits you in these pages. You will learn how to lead with an open mindset to ensure unparalleled results.

About The Author

Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC, is founder and principal of Potentials, a global executive coaching and organization development consulting firm with experience coaching leaders, teams, and coaches all over the world for over twenty-five years. She is certified as a Master Coach and has a doctorate in Organization Psychology from Columbia University.  Read more at https://potentials.com.

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As an HR Executive who has experienced several career transitions, I have learned the importance of real collaboration and engagement. At the World Bank Group, Ann Van Eron has been an essential person in making this happen, and in her book, OASIS Conversations: Leading with an Open Mindset to Maximize Potential, she shows how this occurs. I highly recommend this book for every executive who wants to make change real.

Sean McGrath, Ph.D., SVP, World Bank Global Human Resources

We all face challenges relating to people with different perspectives. OASIS Conversations offers practical tips on how to be open-minded and work effectively with others—at work, at home and in life. I am glad to have experienced the OASIS process with Ann Van Eron and recommend her process for other leaders interested in improving relationships with their teams and colleagues, boosting morale and making their workplaces more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Jennifer Flake, Executive Director—Communications, Ford Motor Company

I have worked with Ann for over twenty years across several organizations; she has consistently encouraged individuals to confront the challenges with open and direct communication using the OASIS model. She not only teaches it but practices OASIS in life, making her a highly effective and sought after communicator and coach. Many have found her approach of open communications to be simple, useful, and practical, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. It is clear that OASIS can help foster a better approach to communication for all.

Sunita Holzer, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Realogy Holdings Corp.

The beauty of this book—which is practical at the same time—is that Ann Van Eron, with her vast experience as an executive coach and organization change consultant, has provided an easy-to-remember-and-follow rubric, OASIS, yet allowed for flexibility and individuality in its implementation. Call it “structured agility.” Whether one aspires simply to be more socially intelligent or a more effective change leader—or both—following Ann’s advice and suggestions will lead the way for such a worthy journey and set of goals.

W. Warner Burke, Ph.D., Edward Lee Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education

The OASIS Conversation process is valuable for leaders today. Ann Van Eron’s OASIS process has been extremely well-received by United Nations leaders and staff globally. People routinely report successful results using the memorable and practical process. It is great that more people will now have access to this critical skill for emotional and social intelligence.

Maryel Jansen,(retired) Manager, Learning, Leadership and Organization Development, United Nations

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