Strategy & Branding Playbook

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Download this resource to learn how to fine tune your branding & create a powerful social media strategy!

Weaving Influence - Strategy & Branding Playbook

If you need to refine your personal or business branding and create a social media strategy, the Strategy & Branding Playbook is a perfect introduction to Becky Robinson’s perspective and approach.

You can use the Strategy & Branding Playbook as a starting point to build your online presence and influence, twelve minutes at a time.

The Strategy & Branding Playbook Will Help You:

  • Discover and express yourself and your brand online.
  • Prepare to share the story of your business in powerful ways.
  • Create a social media strategy for your business in 4 steps.
  • Establish time commitments to integrate a social media strategy into your busy life.
  • Find your why for using various social media channels.

If you’re looking for a little more support and direction, contact us to find out about digital marketing services offered by Weaving Influence — including webinars, consulting, coaching, implementation, editing, training, speaking, and content creation.

Download this insightful marketing resource to create a powerful branding strategy for you & your business

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