Frequently Asked Questions

  • Book Marketing Microsites
  • What is a book marketing microsite?

    A book marketing microsite is a one page website that incorporates everything you need to successfully leverage online channels to promote your book. It includes testimonials about your book, a video trailer (if you have one), your bio, a sample of your book, a press kit, and easy ways for your network to socially share your book. It also contains links to online retailers and incentives for people to buy your book in bulk.

  • Who hosts my book marketing microsite?

    If you’d like assistance in purchasing a domain and setting up hosting for your book marketing microsite, we can assist you. Typically, clients purchase domains and hosting and provide login information so that we can create their sites.

  • What domain should I choose for my book marketing microsite?

    Most clients use their book title or a variation of their book title as a stand alone domain. Other clients use a subdomain of their primary websites.

  • How does my book marketing microsite link back to my main website?

    We will work with you to be sure your main website integrates well with your book marketing microsite. This may require additional budget, depending upon the complexity of coding the connections.

  • Book Launch
  • How many books should I plan to give away?

    We typically request 50-100 publicity copies for blogger outreach and a Goodreads giveaway. Sharing advance copies of your book with colleagues and friends is a great way to mobilize them in support of your publicity. We recommend that you give away as many books as you can within your desired budget. We’ve had clients giveaway 100s of books and we strongly believe in this as a tactic for publicity.

  • Who ships my books?

    Weaving Influence offers book shipping as an add-on service. We will invoice you for shipping and handling charges. We will also include personalized letters or print collateral in packages. You will need to decide the method for shipping. Media mail is less expensive but delivery timelines are slower.

  • How can I get on a bestseller list?

    Landing on a big best seller list typically requires selling a large number of books in a short period of time. The current number required to land on the New York Times list is 6000 books in one week. Landing on the Wall Street Journal or other lesser list requires fewer sales. Sales direct to publishers are not reported to Book Scan and are thus excluded from consideration to make the list. For this reason, we recommend that all corporate/bulk sales be directed to local booksellers or 800 CEO Read so that those sales will be reported. Reaching bestseller status on Amazon is a more reachable possibility.

  • How can I get my book to rank on Amazon?