Guest Blog Post Guidelines

We may occasionally post buzz tips from our community, blog posts that add value for others in knowing how to use social media effectively. To submit a buzz tip:

1. Please contact Christy with a brief overview of your tip.

2. Once your idea is approved, you’ll submit a 500-word essay that is original/exclusive content. It is fine to link once or twice to other content within the copy. We also ask that you include a 2-3 sentence bio. Please promote yourself in your bio and include links to your website, twitter, Facebook, etc!

3. We may suggest edits to the post (usually formatting or language), but will not change the content of the message. No edits will be published without your consent.

4. Optional: if you have images you wish to include with your post, please send up to three 500-pixel-wide JPG files with a link to the source if appropriate. You must have the rights to use any picture you submit. These images may or may not be used in the final published post.

5. When the post has been reviewed and approved, a publication date will be set.

6. Once the post is published, we ask that you publicize it through your social media channels.