Happy Birthday @KevinEikenberry

Happy Birthday @KevinEikenberry

I just returned from a trip to Florida with Kevin Eikenberry and the rest of our team. I’ll definitely be writing more about my experiences there. For the moment, I am enjoying being back with my family and trying to get a little rest.

Today is a pretty special day, though.

It’s Kevin Eikenberry’s 49th birthday.

I woke up with the idea to write a blog post especially for him. I also thought that it would be fun to see if I could have at least 49 of his many fans to comment here with birthday wishes. Will you help me make it happen? (I would also love to push his Facebook fan page past the 1000 mark. If you can help with that, I would be grateful!)

49 is a cool age. And 49 is the perfect square of 7. So, here are seven of the things I most appreciate about Kevin:

  1. He does everything on purpose. I admire the way Kevin is intentional in all he does. If he’s doing something, there’s a reason for it.
  2. He lives out his own leadership ideals. One of the reasons I loved From Bud to Boss so much is that I have seen both Kevin and Guy live out the suggestions from the book as they lead others.
  3. He is generous in sharing all he has with others. I have benefited from Kevin’s generosity and I have seen his incredible generosity toward others. He shares everything: his time, his knowledge, his expertise, his connections, his books. At the conference we just attended, I returned to the our booth just after he had given a book to a woman who was deeply moved by the gift. Kevin later said that sharing those moments of encouragement with her were THE BEST part of his day.
  4. He is unwaveringly positive and upbeat. If you have ever asked Kevin how he is, you’ll know that he always answers with an enthusiastic, meaningful reply.
  5. He loves others deeply. On my first trip to Indianapolis, I went out for dinner with Kevin and his wife. As they shared with me about their children and other family members I saw two things: their connection and closeness with each other and their loving commitment to their extended family. I see Kevin live out his love for his team, as well. Every day, without fail.
  6. He expresses appreciation for others and recognizes people for their contributions. He knows it’s the right thing to do and he does it. He is always looking for the ways to encourage others.
  7. He believes in possibilities. I love to see Kevin’s excitement when he has a new idea or makes a new connection. He believes anything is possible! Even more, I love the way he believes in people and their potential to make a difference. (I also especially love that he believes in me… and regularly tells me so.)

Thank you for helping me celebrate Kevin. Share your birthday wishes with Kevin here. Don’t forget to go like his Facebook fan page if you haven’t done so already. And go eat some cake or something!

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What People Are Saying

  • Congrats Kevin! I celebrated with an Oreo. No candles.

  • What a wonderful birthday present idea, Becky. For me, a clear sign of a person’s character is not simply what they do, but what they inspire/bring out in those around them. In that light, the warmth and kindness of your gesture is most telling about the nature of Kevin’s relationship with those around him.

    Sending you warmest wishes for your birthday, Kevin. Hope you’re having a truly special day.

  • I’ve been reading Kevin’s weekly Powerquotes emails for a couple of years. They force me to stop, think, and evaluate what I am doing. Very powerful stuff.

    His ongoing writing and blog postings have been an inspiration to me to keep up with the writing that I want to do this year. Kevin is an amzing communicator.

    And he is going to be 49. Lucky Kevin. Happy Birthday.



  • Kevin, happy birthday! Well a quality of your that is evident to me is how authentic you are. It has been really good to connect with you and I most certainly enjoyed reading your work with Guy in Bud To Boss. Like I said the other day, the book is a great reference tool for me at the moment in helping me articulate some challenges I am dealing with.

  • An excuse for dessert? Can’t wait! 🙂

    Truly, Kevin and his entire team, including you, are REMARKABLE! Your collective enthusiasm, generosity, and kindness does indeed speak volumes about the person Kevin is and the leadership he provides.

    Kevin – wishing you a wonderfully happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday, Kevin. The loyalty and respect your team has for you is a testament to your remarkable leadership and what a special person you are. Warm wishes for a wonderful day.

  • Happy birthday Kevin! I am looking forward to seeing how the next year unfolds as you continue to support leaders and expand your network! I feel part of it already! Many thanks!

  • And 7 is a perfect number!

  • Hi Becky,

    Are you looking for a raise? 😉

    I found Kevin to be open and generous during my conversations with him.

    Happy Birthday Kevin!



  • What a fantastic post!

    Kevin, thank you for being a constant inspiration. You are remarkable (every day not just your birthday!).

  • Congratulations to a great guy! Happy birthday, Kevin. As the years go buy, you are slowly catching up to me somehow!

  • Happy Birthday Kevin. Hope whatever you wish for comes true.

    Best Wishes

    Neal Burgis

  • Happy B’day! May your service continue!

  • Happy Birthday Kevin!

  • Kevin,
    I am hoisting a sparkly iced tea in your honor!

    I’ll add one to your list… hope that won’t make him 64 :-)…

    Kevin works darn hard.
    And on the right things… great content, meaningful connections.

    Happy Birthday!
    Here’s to the next 49!

  • A very happy birthday to Kevin! He is a true influencer in his community!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin! You made it back from the week’s “festivities” just in time.

  • Becky deserves a raise! LOL

    Kevin: Have the happiest birthday to date and have a wonderful celebration. BIG hugs from Mexico.

  • Monica: What do you mean Becky deserves a raise…haven’t you heard how much he is paying her??? We should all be so lucky!

    Happy Birthday Kevin. I only know you through Twitter and Becky… but if Becky says you deserve a happy birthday… I’m in!

  • This is great Becky!

    Happy Birthday to Kevin!

  • Wishing you a very happy birthday, Kevin!
    -Your friends at Jossey-Bass

  • I met Kevin for the first time many years ago. He stood out from the crowd then as someone who was good at what he did, but also someone that other people wanted to be around. Today, with a lot more success in his rearview mirror he is still those things. He still stands out as someone who does things right and does things well and whom people want to hang out with. For me, one of the benefits of social media has been re-establishing a connection with Kevin. Another benefit is being able to wish him the happiest of birthdays so far, with many happier ones to come.

  • Kevin – happy, happy birthday to a leader who walks the talk. May your next year will be filled with joy, fulfillment and lots of success.

    Becky – kudos on being so thoughtful, warm, caring and compassionate!

    Smiles all around!

    Thanks for Inspiring & Motivating us on a Consistent Basis& sharing your Insights ; Do appreciate Very much, & Wishing u a Fun Filled, Happy & Successful Year ahead !.

  • Happy Birthday, Kevin.

    I’ve gotten to know you through your blog, and I truly appreciate the things you write. You are a mon who has a lot of good things to say. You’re a thought provoker and a true inspiration. I appreciate you and hope this day is a great day of celebration for you.

  • Oops. I meant “You’re a *man* who has a lot of good things to say.” — Uncooperative fingers. 🙂

  • Such a beautiful gift you have given Kevin here, Becky!! Happy birthday, Kevin! Thanks for all you do!

  • Happy Birthday, Kevin! May your day be blessed! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!! – ab

  • Happy B-day Kevin – you ARE remarkable!

  • Becky, what a terrific article. A real testament to a great leader. It’s obvious you are also a leader and awesome team-member.

    Kevin, Happy Birthday. Keep “Leading the Field” and being a blessing to everyone whose lives you touch. I appreciate all you are, and all you do, my friend!

  • Happy Birthday to a man of unquestionable character. May you be blessed beyond words! The next 50 are the best yet!

  • Great post, Becky! Kevin, have a fine birthday today – I’ve got 10 years on you but I do remember my 49th birthday celebration as a “grand time!”

    Thanks, too, Kevin for being so gracious and giving – your support of my learning (and my projects) this past year has enabled growth beyond measure in me!



  • Kevin,
    Our world is in serious need of a shot of optimism and exploration of possibility. You provide that shot through your exploration. And reading through the birthday wishes, you clearly live what it is you’re asking others to explore in their leadership journey.

    So here’s to celebrating you intentionally today. And to Becky for inspiring us to stop a moment and say hello and happy birthday.


  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Kevin! Continue touching others the way you have obviously impacted Becky.

    What a beautiful tribute, Becky. You words were touching and heartfelt, and they helped me appreciate even more the depth and character of Kevin. Can’t wait to see you both again. Meanwhile, enjoy the celebration!

  • Happy Birthday, Kevin! From our very first conversation, you had me at “hello.” 🙂 While I was going through a very rough time in 2010 following the elimination of my 10-year tenure with a nonprofit, you would reach out just to check on me, and you always seemed to sense when I needed reassurance the most. Those calls make me teary-eyed when I think about them, and someday I will tell you the full impact of your compassion.

    Happy Birthday, my leaderfriend, mentor, and role model.

    Lead on!

  • Happy Birthday Kevin! It was nice to get to connect with you at ASTD. Becky has told me wonderful things about you and I believe I saw some of that this week.

    Great post Becky!

  • Have a great Birthday Kevin!

  • Happy 49th birthday Kevin! Hope your day was and is as remarkable as you are! Big hugs!

    Great tribute Becky!!!

  • Happy Birthday Kevin! Great comments Becky. I agree!

  • Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday Kevin! I’m turning 49 next week so I feel in good company. Warmly, Mary

  • Kevin, Happy Birthday. Let’s face it, looking at the list of wellwishers is all anyone needs to know about your place in the blogosphere and the hearts of all of us. Now, if I can only get over the fact that you are 9 months YOUNGER than I am…..

  • Kevin,

    I hope it’s been a spectacular day! Here’s to you making very bold wishes, and bringing them all to life in the next year.

    All the best and wishing you the happiest of birthdays,

    Lisa Petrilli

  • Kevin,

    I agree with Becky– 49 is a very special number and knowing you, I’m sure you’ve made it a special day. Here’s to 49 more!

  • How could I not add to such a worthy intention? Happy birthday Kevin! While I don’t know you personally, I see that you are both well-liked and well-loved. That is something you have earned. I have nothing but admiration for that.
    Many happy birthdays to come!


    p.s. Becky what a wonderful and generous thing to do..but then I *do* know that about *you* 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Kevin! I’m sure as Becky says that 49 is a cool year – wish I could remember back that far! Have a great one!

  • Happy Birthday, Kevin! Hope you had a wonderful day. Nice tribute, Becky. All my best, John Feskorn

  • Happy Birthday Kevin – may you have a magical year filled with pleasant surprises and warm welcomes wherever your travels take you! It was great to meet you in person this week! Thanks for the warm welcome and your hospitality.

  • Happy Birthday Kevin!

  • Hi Kevin,

    49 is indeed a great number. May you have many many more Birthdays to come. Perhaps another book launch next year. More power to you.


    Will Lukang

  • Very thoughtful Becky!
    Here’s wishing Kevin a very happy birthday!

  • Becky, what a great way to celebrate a wonderful friend! Thanks for inspiring those of us reading this blog to celebrate those who are near and dear to us!

    Kevin, while we haven’t actually met yet, I count you among my Lead Change friends, and look forward to the day when we do! May this year be one of continuing growth for you, as well as the blessing of knowing you are loved!

  • Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Cheers! So…how did you celebrate?

  • Kevin, you take time for lots of people in your life; today, its’ a well-deserved celebration of a guy we simply enjoy with each encounter.

    Have a terrific day!

  • Becky,

    What an awesome tribute to Kevin. The legacy he is leaving is an inspiring to us all.

    Kevin, Happy birthday. That final year of any decade is huge! Your contributions to our field are extraordinary, and I look forward to what’s to come in your next decade!

    Great to see you at ASTD. As always, your energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Thanks for the boost to my day.

    Love ’em and lead ’em,

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