Join Corporate Champions

Join Corporate Champions

As a professional, you are always learning. Would it be valuable to you to get free copies of the latest top business & leadership books so you can read, review, and implement the ideas in your work? Would it be helpful to receive exclusive content related to top business books for use in your corporate newsletters or other internal communication? Would you like the opportunity to connect personally with business/leadership authors? Then we’d like you to join our team of Corporate Champions.

Here’s How It Works

Several times a year, we’ll send an email offering you an advance copy of a new business book. We’ll review these books carefully to ensure we are bringing you the best of the books we’re promoting each year. If you don’t love the book or see value in it for your organization, you are not obligated to champion the book. If you see value in the book for your organization, our request is that you will champion the book in one or several of the following ways:

  • Sharing the book through your personal or company social media channels (we make it easy).
  • Writing a review on Amazon when the book is released.
  • Championing the book within your organization by sharing it with others, hosting content from the author in internal newsletters or other communication, and inviting your colleagues to our free webinar event.

Some Great Reasons To Participate

  • You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in your organization by bringing cutting edge leadership/business strategies.
  • You’ll receive excellent books in advance of their publication.
  • You’ll have access to exclusive content from the author for use on your personal or company blog.

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