Art Barter

Weaving Influence Leaders

Art Barter likes to say that how you get results is more important than the results themselves. And Art knows about the “how” of getting results, as demonstrated by his 2004 purchase and reshaping of Datron World Communications, Inc., a small, international radio manufacturing company in California. Choosing to move away from a traditional power-based model of leadership to one that focused on service, Art created a new mission, purpose and values system that would become the basis for the transformation of the company, promoting the idea that it was more important to get results the right way, than to compromise on values. The outcome of implementing a servant leader culture has allowed Art to see Datron grow from a company with $10 million in annual sales to $200 million.

Fueled by his passion for servant leadership and the lessons gleaned from the overhaul of Datron’s culture, Art founded the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) in 2008. As demonstrated by the remarkable changes within Datron, Servant Leadership is about inspiring and equipping those you influence. Art continues to teach these behaviors as part of a foundational servant leadership training to his employees, allowing both employees and the organization to grow to their full potential. In 2018, Art was named to the “Top Thought Leaders In Trust” by the Trust Across America organization for the second year in a row.

“Art Barter is one of the truly great servant leaders in the world. He genuinely models what he teaches.”

~ Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of ‘The Speed of Trust’

Keynote Speaker Art Barter

Art Barter believes that how you get results is more important than the results themselves, and his presentations on servant leadership-related topics have inspired audiences nationwide.