Dr. Janet L. Szumal

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Dr. Janet L. Szumal is a senior research associate at Human Synergistics, Inc. She received her Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Assessments and simulations developed by Dr. Szumal include Management/Impact®, Organizational Change Challenge™, Project Management Challenge™, Performance Management Challenge™, and Culture Change Situation™. She has written numerous facilitator manuals and development guides, including the Organizational Culture Inventory® Interpretation and Development Guide, which are used in leadership, team, and organizational development initiatives around the globe.

Dr. Szumal’s research on the reliability and validity of Human Synergistics’ assessments and her insights about organizational culture, leadership, and group problem-solving have appeared in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Psychological Reports, Training Magazine, Talent Management, and The Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate.

“Dr. Szumal has taken the complex subject of organizational culture and broken it down into a usable guide for leaders.”

~ Mary Paul, President, Mary Paul LLC

About Dr. Janet L. Szumal

About Dr. Janet L. Szumal
Dr. Janet L. Szumal is a senior research associate for Human Synergistics Inc., and co-author with Dr. Robert A. Cooke of Creating Constructive Cultures. The assessments, simulations, and guides that she has worked on over the past 30 years have been translated into multiple languages and have been used by leaders, teams, and organizations around the globe to create more constructive workplaces.
About Dr. Janet L. Szumal