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Pamela McLean, PhD, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hudson Institute of Coaching, a coaching firm providing a full suite of coaching services to organizations and preparing leaders to become coaches through a year-long coach certification program. She brings more than three decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, master coach, coach supervisor, and contributor to the field of coaching. Pamela regularly speaks on the topic of Use of Self as a Coach and Leader, and her previous books include The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching and LifeForward. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA. In her spare time, she also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.

“Pam McLean is a gift to the field, with a gift of elegant depth and doable practices.”

~ John Schuster, Executive Coach & Author

Meet Pamela McLean

Meet Pamela McLean
Pamela McLean has been at the forefront of the coaching field for the past three decades, using clinical and organizational psychology to provide the highest-quality coaching and development training to professionals worldwide. Her holistic methods give coaches and other leaders a clearer framework for getting to know themselves, exploring their multiple layers, and fostering their latent abilities so they can foster the abilities of others.
Meet Pamela McLean