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Peter Schein is the co-founder and COO of in Menlo Park, CA. He provides counsel to senior management on organizational development challenges facing private and public sector entities worldwide. He is a contributing author to the 5th edition of Organizational Culture and Leadership (Schein, 2016) and coauthor of Humble Leadership (2018).

Peter’s work draws on 30 years of industry experience in marketing and corporate development at technology pioneers. In his early career, he developed new products at Pacific Bell and Apple. He also led product marketing efforts at Silicon Graphics Inc., Concentric Network Corporation (XO Communications), and Packeteer (BlueCoat). Thereafter, Peter spent eleven years in corporate development and strategy at Sun Microsystems, where he led numerous investments in high-growth ecosystems. He drove acquisitions of technology innovators that developed into highly-valued product lines at Sun. Through these experiences with developing new strategies organically, and merging smaller entities into a large company, Peter developed a keen focus on the underlying organizational development challenges that growth engenders in innovation-driven enterprises.

Peter was educated at Stanford University (BA Social Anthropology, Honors and Distinction), Northwestern University (Kellogg MBA, Marketing and Information Management), and the USC Marshall School of Business (HCEO Certificate, 2017).

“Peter is an innovator with Silicon Valley energy and insight . . . an antidote to arrogance and a practical guide to making the future.”

~ Bob Johansen, Author of ‘The New Leadership Literacies’

About Peter Schein

About Peter Schein
Author and consultant Peter Schein calls for a reimagined form of leadership that coincides with emerging trends of relationship building, complex group work, and diverse workforces. The future of leadership is dependent on working relationships that are trusting and open.
About Peter Schein