Featured On Friday: The #remarkablepodcast by @TheKEGroup

Featured On Friday: The #remarkablepodcast by @TheKEGroup

Over the past month or so, we have been making some exciting updates to the Lead Change Group, a division of the Weaving Influence that boasts one of the most highly trafficked leadership blogs on the web. We are so proud to support this fantastic community of thought leaders with new initiatives, including the creation of a sponsorship program which allows us to partner with top individuals and organizations to expand our community and reach.

This July, we are officially launching the Lead Change Sponsor program with fellow Lead Changer and long-time friend of Weaving Influence, Kevin Eikenberry. For the rest of the month, the LCG will be celebrating Kevin’s new podcast, The Remarkable Leadership Podcast, which features some of Leadership’s top voices today.

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

In the podcast, Kevin hand-picks and speaks with guests who will share powerful advice and stories that will help leaders see the world differently, lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those they lead. He’s got a great lineup of experts and practitioners including Jim Kouzes, Jon Gordon, Dave Kerpen, Tim Sanders, Bob Burg and so many others.

Here’s how you can listen in & learn more:

 We are so excited to support the #remarkablepodcast through our sponsorship program.  Contact us to learn how you can become a sponsor!

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