Complimentary webinar with Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

A Street View on Leadership

Join the interactive discussion with Bob Anderson and Bill Adams.

It is often said that the subject of leadership is the most studied and least understood. This is not true. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of leadership effectiveness after hearing Bob Anderson and Bill Adams present their latest research.

This presentation by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams charts the movement from Reactive to Creative leadership, drawing upon input from the leaders consulted during their research. They discuss their research on leadership effectiveness and report on a groundbreaking study concluding that leaders, when they provide feedback to each other, are remarkably precise about the entire journey from Reactive to Creative leadership.

This presentation will explore:

  • How leaders describe the fundamental differences between Reactive and Creative leadership—between effective and ineffective leadership.
  • How Reactive leaders are cancelling themselves out.
  • How Creative leaders get a multiple on their strengths as vision and teamwork complement one another.
  • The top 10 strengths of Creative leaders.
  • The top 10 liabilities of Reactive leaders.
  • The pathway of development from Reactive to Creative leadership.
  • A method for developing any leadership skill you choose to develop.

Meet The Presenters

Robert J. Anderson Headshot

Robert J. Anderson is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle. He is also the Co-founder and Chairman of Full Circle Group. Over the past 35 years, Bob has dedicated his career to exploring the intersections between leadership and mastery, competence and consciousness, spirituality and business.

Bob is the creator of The Leadership Circle Profile, an integrated and innovative leadership assessment tool. A culmination of years of research, The Leadership Circle Profile and its associated assessment tools are used by thousands of organizations around the world.

Bill Adams Headshot

Bill Adams is the co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Group, North America, and CEO of The Leadership Circle. He is extensively sought out as a trusted advisor to CEO’s, top executives, and teams around the world. His clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups across multiple industries.

Bill sits on numerous boards in the for-profit, education, and non-profit worlds. A serial entrepreneur, he has started, sold, and merged multiple businesses. In 1991, his consulting firm, Maxcomm, Inc., received the Small Business of the Year Award; and in 2015, The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group earned first place in the Large Leadership Partner and Provider category of the 2015 Leadership 500 Awards.

Meet The Host

Becky Robinson Headshot

Becky Robinson is an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Weaving Influence, a digital marketing agency. Weaving Influence works with authors and thought leaders to help them show up online in the same powerful ways they show up in real life, with a focus on building strategic partnerships to help people and organizations reach their big picture business goals. She’s a wife and mom of three daughters who loves running, reading, and coffee.