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Great Leaders Ask Questions

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“Leadership is not as much about knowing the right answers, as it is about knowing the right questions.” – Bob Tiede

If you were in a rowboat with your team, how many of them would you want to have row? Might your answer be all of them? How happy would you be if you ended up being the only one rowing? Probably not so much.

Why then would you want to tackle the challenges, opportunities, problems, and changes needed in your company by telling your staff what they should do? Why would you not want to get all their oars in the water by asking them, “What do you think?” This one simple step has the potential to notably increase your leadership effectiveness!

Leading with questions takes preparation, intentionality, discipline, and practice. Good news! If I can move from telling to asking, so can you!

Listen in to a 30-minute webinar with Bob Tiede, author of Great Leaders Ask Questions, and learn how to increase your leadership effectiveness by going from telling to asking.

Meet The Presenter

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Bob Tiede has been on the staff of Cru for 45 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX, and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.

Meet The Host

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Becky Robinson is an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Weaving Influence, a digital marketing agency. Weaving Influence works with authors and thought leaders to help them show up online in the same powerful ways they show up in real life, with a focus on building strategic partnerships to help people and organizations reach their big picture business goals. She’s a wife and mom of three daughters who loves running, reading, and coffee.