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Transform Your Company

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Your financial and emotional health are linked to how functional, or dysfunctional, your company is. If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or haven’t seen growth in your company, you may need to realign YOUR company whether you own, lead or work in it.

Listen in to a free webinar with Alex Vorobieff, author of Transform Your Company.

We discuss:

• How to discover the hidden force pulling companies into dysfunction and creating frustration.
• How to implement straightforward tools to identify and remove the real source of your pain.
• Eliminating the most common behavior that keeps a company from becoming an unstoppable force.

Meet The Presenter

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Alex Vorobieff is the founder and CEO of The Vorobieff Company, a premier business-consulting organization. A highly sought-after speaker and business alignment coach, Alex Vorobieff has helped scores of companies eliminate the real source of their frustration using business alignment tools (a term he coined after years of working with and investigating different business systems) and eliminating the anchor behavior keeping companies stuck.