Complimentary webinar with Cheryl Rice

You Matter Marathon

Join the Interactive Discussion with Cheryl Rice

Can you really make a difference with two words and a simple gesture? The answer is yes! Something amazing happens when you share positivity in the world.

The You Matter Marathon (no running required!), founded in 2016 by Cheryl Rice, strives to create positive experiences and empowering interactions between individuals and communities. It’s easy: individuals or organizations sign up to receive “You Matter” cards in the mail, free of charge. Then, they simply hand out the cards to people they encounter throughout the day. The results are astounding. 61% of participants report that they achieve a greater sense of gratitude and enhanced connection with others. 51% report enhanced compassion for others; and finally, 50% achieve enhanced levels of personal happiness. The lesson? One small gesture and two small words can help forge connections and spread kindness, compassion, and happiness.

Join us for an hour-long discussion with You Matter Marathon founder, Cheryl Rice. This webinar is focused on preparing for the 2017 You Matter Marathon as we seek funding from corporate sponsors and other volunteers.

Meet The Presenter

Cheryl Rice Headshot

Cheryl Rice works with women eager to be leaders in their own lives. She has been working with clients to improve individual, team, and executive performance since 1990. Cheryl delivers powerful seminars inspiring women to use their voice and vision for maximum impact. Her speaking, seminar, and coaching clients include: Professional Women’s Roundtable, Pfizer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Campbells Soup, and the Wharton School.

Cheryl is also the author of the inspiring memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life? A Journey Toward Love and Wholeness. Additionally, her essays on life, love, and loss have appeared in local and national publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, Cure Today, and Maria Shriver’s Blog, Architects of Change.

Meet The Host

Becky Robinson Headshot

Becky Robinson is an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Weaving Influence, a digital marketing agency. Weaving Influence works with authors and thought leaders to help them show up online in the same powerful ways they show up in real life, with a focus on building strategic partnerships to help people and organizations reach their big picture business goals. She’s a wife and mom of three daughters who loves running, reading, and coffee.