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Weaving Influence has significant, relevant experience when it comes to successfully using social media to build a community of connections. Whether you are new on the social media scene and are wondering where to start or if you already have a line of accounts and no time, we have an e-book to help. Download yours today and start your journey toward social media success.
Training For LinkedIn Success
If you want to leverage LinkedIn to grow your influence, this guide will help. Becky provides 6 tips anyone can implement, today, to make more meaningful connections through LinkedIn. Focused, consistent effort will help you achieve the results you’re seeking.
Your Book Deserves A Celebration
Launching a book represents a major accomplishment for anyone. We invite you to download the Your Book Deserves A Celebration free resource as a starting point in your book launch celebration. Use it to help you prepare for your celebration, even before you have started writing your book, and start planning for the party that your book deserves.
12 Minutes To Change Your Day
For all our anxiety about, or enjoyment of, time, we each have the same amount of time each day. We can’t stop it, or find more, but we can change the way we use our time and the way we look at time. We can use twelve minutes at a time to create ideal moments: 12 Minutes to Change Your Day.
31 Days Of Twitter Tips
If you’re looking for a way to grow your Twitter account and learn how to give back, then you’ll love the 31 Days Of Twitter Tips e-book. Providing ideas for how to use just twelve minutes a day to build a Twitter following and engage and promote others, the e-book is a great tool to add to your virtual toolbox.
Strategy & Branding Playbook
If you need to refine your personal or business branding and create a social media strategy, the Strategy & Branding Playbook is a perfect introduction to Becky Robinson’s perspective and approach. You can use the playbook as a building block to grow your online presence and influence in just a few minutes a day.
Website Basics & Blogging Playbook
If you want to create a basic website for your business and begin to create/share valuable blog content, the Website Basics & Blogging Playbook will provide tips and tools to get you started. This Playbook is a great starting point to build your online presence and influence through your blog and website.
Social Media Quick Start Guide
Our free Social Media Quick Start Guide is designed for people who need to get started with using social media to grow their businesses. No website? No social media accounts? No problem. We give you step by step instructions, starting with buying a domain name. By investing just a few minutes each day, you can get started.
Becky Robinson On Weaving Influence (Aha Amplifier)
This book contains thoughts about the critical importance of building online influence to complement real life expertise in order to maximize your impact in the world. People who want to make a positive difference must engage, connect, share, and show up online.
Insights From The Top Leadership Authors (Aha Amplifier)
The collected wisdom of top-level leaders and authors, sharing the secrets of great leadership, team work, and personal growth. These Insights from the Top Leadership Authors have been gleaned from two years of book launches by the social media team at Weaving Influence, Inc., and combined into one book to give you 140 daily lessons to help you grow.
Twitter For Beginners
Becky wrote this when she was just a beginner on Twitter. Since then, Weaving Influence have managed and grown more than 100 Twitter accounts. Although we know more now than we did then, this white paper still has some very helpful tips, basic definitions, and great tips – especially for beginners.
Everyday Leadership
You can be a leader everyday. This white paper is a collection of of Becky’s favorite posts from LeaderTalk, edited and enhanced. Read one each day and reflect on the questions for perspective on ways to make a difference by leading yourself and others.
Social Media For Leaders
Our Social Media For Leaders E-Book will give you tips and tools to help you get started with building an online presence, including buying a domain – your home online – and creating profiles on social media channels.