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Featured on Friday: The Out of Office Edition

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Featured on Friday: The Out of Office Edition post image

It’s a long weekend for many of us at Weaving Influence, which means “Out of Office” auto-responses are going up and we’re dusting off our grills and gearing up for fireworks and family time. Or if you’re an introvert, like me, perhaps you’re looking forward to a quiet weekend with your books!

Whatever your plans for the weekend, I hope you’ll make time to click through some of these great book launch links and register for some of the exciting events we have coming up.

FREE Summer Education

  • Monday, July 13 at 12 pm (ET), join us for Resolving the Heart of Conflict with Jim Ferrell of The Arbinger Institute – Every single day we encounter conflict. Whether you’re a participant or observer, whether it’s among family, friends, or colleagues, conflict surrounds us. While we can’t avoid conflict, we can certainly choose how we respond to it. Register Now
  • Tuesday, July 21 at 12 pm (ET), an exclusive one-hour webinar with Disrupt Yourself™ author Whitney Johnson – Register Now

Book Launch News

We’ve just completed the launch of two great books, The Disciplined Leader by John Manning, and Wired for Authenticity by Henna Inam, but nothing is slowing down around here!

This month we’re gearing up for the launch of The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute (July 13), and next month we’re planning for Unseen Tears by Beau Sides (join his team), and The Genius of Opposites by Jennifer Kahnweiler (join her team).

Just because the launches are over (or haven’t happened yet) doesn’t stop the buzz – which we love! Take a minute to click through these links for The Disciplined Leader and Wired for Authenticity, and check out the buzz that is already building for The Genius of Opposites!

Just In Case You Missed It

You know Becky has her own website now, right? She’s posting there on a regular basis, and I’d encourage you to add it to your list of favorite spots on the internet. Here are links to her three most recent posts, just to get you started…

You Tell Me! What are YOU doing on this holiday weekend (or, if you’re not in the U.S. – what are you doing this weekend)?

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Carrie holds a B.S. degree in English, Public Relations, and Journalism, and has been working with Weaving Influence since she met Becky Robinson on Twitter in early 2012. A fan of culture, international travel, Parisian cafés, large libraries, Indian curry, and British mystery shows, Carrie loves living life outside of the box with her husband (and fellow INTJ). Find her on Twitter @CGKoens.

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