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Featured on Friday: Your Weekend #MustReads!

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Featured on Friday: Your Weekend #MustReads! post image

Last week my husband and I enjoyed a few days away in one of our favorite cities, Chicago, and then closed out our road trip by witnessing the wedding of a friend. All in all, a lovely time away in a season of the year that I love the most – fall.

But the enjoyment of the cooler weather and the time unplugged doesn’t come without a price, and the price is dealing with “Vacation Hangover” and digging through email and tasks that have been put off while playing hooky!

Because of the busy week, I called on my Weaving Influence co-workers to share some of their favorite posts with you. I could say, “these are articles you don’t want to miss”, but in the words of LeVar Burton, host of the classic TV show, Reading Rainbow, “you don’t have to take my word for it!”

A big thanks to Becky, Paula, and John for their help this week.

  • Looking for a way to boost your leadership performance? Start by reading Turn This Up To 11 To Boost Your Leadership Performance by Tim Sanders. Stand out quote: “Giving recognition for the little things makes a big difference.
  • Leadership performance okay, but lacking on mental toughness? We’ve got a great INC. piece to help with that! An FBI Agent’s 5 Steps  to Developing Mental Toughness by Justin Bariso. Stand out quote: “Learn. Try. Repeat.
  • Over on Spin Sucks we found a fun surprise. First, a great article by Laura Petrolino (“Four Tiers of Successful Business Innovation“), and as a bonus, Laura linked to a Forbes article by Scott Edinger. We launched his book, The Hidden Leader, earlier this year!
  • One of our team members said she enjoyed the Google/Picnik/Picmonkey trajectory found in The Four Best Productivity Tricks I Learned at Google by Stephanie Vozza. Stand out quote: “Transparency helps us be super collaborative and fluid.
  • The team member who recommended Lists by Lisha Fink noted that although the post wasn’t business related, it was “the most moving thing I have read today.” Stand out quote: “We must live with so much love and grace that the people around us will feel that love and grace every day.
  • Lead Change Group member Page Cole wrote When Life Hands You Lemons, Say Thank You! and it immediately resonated with lots of folks. The story of 11 year old Keith Boyd is motivational, and the business lessons that Page includes that hit a home run. Stand out quote: “Tough times can motivate us out of complacency.
  • Mark Miller is back on the list (seems fitting that he follow the story of a lemonade stand!) with his post, I Hate It When I Do That. Stand out quote: “When I fill my calendar with nice-to-do, rather than strategic activities, regardless of how well I execute, I am forfeiting my highest contribution.
  • Last, but certainly not least – I would be a terrible Book Launch Director if I didn’t issue A REMINDER! Karen & Henry Kimsey-House are launching Co-Active Leadership on Monday, so don’t forget to visit and get your promotional fingers ready for the social media frenzy next week! BONUS: There are still spots open for their FREE webinar on Tuesday, September 22, so REGISTER NOW!

Now – we’ve shared our links, what would make YOUR list?

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Carrie holds a B.S. degree in English, Public Relations, and Journalism, and has been working with Weaving Influence since she met Becky Robinson on Twitter in early 2012. A fan of culture, international travel, Parisian cafés, large libraries, Indian curry, and British mystery shows, Carrie loves living life outside of the box with her husband (and fellow INTJ). Find her on Twitter @CGKoens.

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Paula Kiger   |   18 September 2015   |   Reply

Great list! I’d add another but I think I may be at quota!

Carrie Koens   |   01 October 2015   |   Reply

Paula – couldn’t have done this without your help! 🙂

Jane Anderson   |   19 September 2015   |   Reply

I love fall too! I’m excited that you took time off and enjoyed your weekend, Becky. Love this post, Carrie! I’m registered for Co-Active Leadership on Monday. Did you see the comments on Page Cole’s post? Amazing! It didn’t just resonate, she brought the whole symphony. I need to go read I Hate When I Do That. I see myself in that quote. Thanks for the recommendations.

Carrie Koens   |   01 October 2015   |   Reply

Thanks, Jane. It was actually me (Carrie) who took the weekend in Chicago, but Becky’s got some time planned coming up – though she’ll be busy running a marathon (which doesn’t seem like resting to me, but she LOVES it!). 🙂