Book Marketing Action Podcast Guidelines and Tips

Thank you for agreeing to be on the Book Marketing Action Podcast. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Make sure you complete the form below before your interview.
  2. At interview time, please plan on being in a quiet room. Unless we’ve made other arrangements, we ask that you use a computer with headphones and a microphone.
  3. We will complete the podcast interview using Zoom and request you turn your camera on. We prefer to record with cameras on so Becky can build a deeper connection with each guest, and we additionally will utilize video footage from the record for our social promotion of the episode. We may also upload the full video (edited) from the podcast recording on our YouTube channel.
  4. In place of a computer, a tablet or smartphone with an internet connection will work, too. In every situation, a headset or earbuds are encouraged.
  5. This will be very conversational.
  6. Estimated time for recording is 45 minutes. Our finished shows are about 30 minutes.
  7. There will be several weeks between when we record and publish. Once the episode airs, we will send you an email with promotional assets. Please plan to share your episode with others.

Typical Conversation Flow

  1. Becky will start by asking you about yourself and your work in the world.
  2. The conversation will then flow into specific questions about your work and expertise.
  3. At the end of every episode, Becky will ask that you share 2-3 actions steps for the audience, as well as resources and ways that they can stay in touch with you (including social media channels, website, email, etc.).

What to Expect Once the Podcast Goes Live

We will send you an email with promotional assets, which includes copy for your social media channels, an audiogram, and quote graphics.

Ways You Can Amplify Your Message

You can find all episodes of the Book Marketing Action Podcast here. You can also use that link to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast. Once your episode is live, we hope you’ll share it with your networks via email and on social media (resources will be provided to you).

Thank You!

We’re grateful you chose to be a part of our podcast. We appreciate you sharing your expertise with our listeners.

Becky Robinson
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