Reach Mastermind Group Track One


Tuesdays | 3-4 PM ET

This virtual, interactive training is designed to give you an overview of digital book marketing strategies and techniques to help you reach the biggest possible audience.

You’ll learn tactics that make you effective in using online channels to share your ideas, grow your influence, and connect with potential customers. We’ll introduce the Reach Framework, helping you understand the basics and exploring advanced strategies to increase your reach.

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Track One

You’re an aspiring author, or your book is launching more than six months from now. This track focuses on:

  • General guidance on building an overarching book marketing strategy, including pre-launch initiatives, launch day guidance, and post-launch momentum
  • Building your personal brand
  • How to grow your owned email list
  • Tactics for growing your social following leading up to launch, as well as general social media strategy recommendations
  • How to effectively use content marketing
  • Considerations for the planning and execution of your media relations strategy
  • Mobilizing your network
  • Creating a book marketing timeline
  • Optimizing your website for launch