Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: How to Inspire by Being Inspired – Webinar with Yosi Amram

January 17, 2024 at 12 PM (ET)

What if everything you need to reach your highest potential as a leader already exists within you? We invite you to join us for this exclusive webinar with the renowned psychologist and executive coach, Dr. Yosi Amram.

If you are ready to discover the power of spiritual intelligence and how it can transform your leadership and your life, this webinar is for you. Dr. Amram will share his fresh and unique perspectives, offering practical insights that will inspire and empower you to lead an inspired and connected life, authentically and purposefully.

Based on his brand-new book, Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: How to Inspire by Being Inspired, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Why spiritual intelligence can help you reach your full potential as a leader
  • The important relationship between being an inspirational leader and an inspired leader
  • What spiritual intelligence is, and how it differs from emotional intelligence
  • The connection between effective leadership and spiritual intelligence
  • The relevance of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) in an AI powered world (Guest appearance by Emmett Shear – recently acting CEO of OpenAI)

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your leadership journey during this hour of powerful learning and connection. We look forward to having you join us!

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Yosi Amram

Yosi began his leadership journey in the Israeli military where he received numerous awards and garnered the fastest promotion record in his regiment’s history. Despite these accomplishments, the military chafed at his soul, eventually inspiring his lifelong quest for more humane approaches to leadership.

Following the military, Yosi earned a BS and MS at MIT, and an MBA from Harvard. Later he became the founder and CEO of two tech companies, both of which he led through successful IPOs.

He went back to school for a PhD in clinical psychology, ultimately developing the first research-grounded theory and validated measure of spiritual intelligence (SI) with an associated model he created and named Spiritually Intelligent Leadership (SILeadership). This research has received over a thousand citations to date.

Yosi is devoted to awakening greater spiritual intelligence in himself (a lifelong journey) and in the world. Working as a therapist and leadership coach, he has supported over 100 CEOs as they built organizations, led thousands of employees, and reached annual revenues in the billions, all while increasing their happiness, power, and effectiveness as leaders in their work and personal lives.

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