And another month begins.

At the beginning of last year, I made a resolution to publish a blog post every day. I even think I might have even succeeded.

February is a short month, and I’d like to try it again, with a twist. I’m going to limit myself to 12 minutes of writing on each post. Every day. For the next 28 days. (Have you tried the 12 minute blog post? If you’re a subscriber and you’d rather not receive an email from me every day, this is your warning. You can unsubscribe today (I won’t take it personally) and you can resubscribe on March 1st, when I’ll return to your regularly scheduled and highly sporadic posting.

A few things you should know. February is going to be a very busy month for Weaving Influence. We are launching two books — want to get involved in the fun? Sign up for The Secret of Teams launch or sign up for Inspired People Produce Results buzz week if you want to get involved. In addition to the two launches, we are also preparing for a huge launch in March of Leadership and the Art of Struggle (sign up here.) For the Art of Struggle launch, my home office will become a book distribution factory of sorts. We’re evening bringing on extra help!

Additionally, we’re planning a redesign of this website, serving more clients than ever, and doing it all in a shortened month.

So this blogging challenge is, in part, a dare to myself. Yes, I can make time for writing even if I’m busy. Yes, I can take on one more challenge. Yes, I can.


Tell me something! What do you have planned for February? How do you challenge yourself? Can you write a blog post in 12 minutes? If you do, will it be worth reading?