On the top of one of the piles in my office is a new book from my friend Chris Edmonds, #POSITIVITY at WORK TWEET

Chris and his co-author, Lisa Zigarmi, are launching their book this week, and though Chris and Lisa are not formally clients of Weaving Influence, I am a big supporter of their message and have high hopes that their book will be wildly successful.

It’s fitting that I have their book nearby as I work to create  a positive work environment for myself and my team members. Each of the tweets in this book is focused on inspiring readers to build positive practices, emotions, and relationships in the workplace.

I hope you’ll buy the book and keep it on your desk, implementing Chris and Lisa’s ideas in your workplace as you seek to make a positive difference for your colleagues, team member, and clients.

Tell me something! How are you creating a positive work environment in your organization? What does your workplace look like?