It’s been another great and busy year at Weaving Influence, and we are preparing for an even bigger year in 2015.

Here Are A Few Highlights (in no particular order)

  • The Development Of Our Book Marketing Microsite – This year, we created a template/website to use for all our book launch efforts. The one page site is mobile responsive and incorporates all of our best practices, gathering all needed resources for book marketing in one place. We’ve been refining our process in creating microsites so we can complete them faster. It’s exciting to have a strong web offering at the center of our book launch offer. We have 5 microsites in process now, set to go live soon and we completed 15 this year. Curious? Check out an example.
  • Lead Change Group Acquisition – After providing behind the scenes support for for several years, I agreed to take the torch from Mike Henry, Sr. who founded the group. We now own and administer the Lead Change Group site. We launched a new website on October 1st, and have been working to amplify the content to reach more readers and provide more value. We are grateful for the members, instigators, and Leading Voices who contribute original content to the site. We look forward to making an even bigger difference through the Lead Change Group in 2015.
  • New Partnerships To Help Us Creatively Differentiate Content – This year, we began collaborating with ThinkAha on the Aha Amplifier, with CredSpark on creating challenges based on our content, and with Actionable Books on book summaries. We are always looking for ways to help our clients extend the reach of their messages as creatively as possible.
  • Deepened Relationships With Media Partners – We are grateful for the journalists and editors on major digital sites online who have highlighted our authors this year. We truly view these media friends as important contributors to our work and success and to the success our authors are enjoying. I am so grateful for these relationships and look forward to developing more.
  • A Growing, Committed, Talented Team – We’ve added several team members this year and had some team members increase their time commitment to Weaving Influence projects. I’m grateful for the commitment, discipline, energy, and focus each individual on our team brings. I could not be more proud of my team and the community and culture we are building.
  • Improvements Behind The Scenes – We’ve worked hard this year to refine internal processes to set ourselves up for long-term stability and success. I’ve learned that small tweaks like changing pay schedules and invoicing practices have made a big difference. And big investments pay off big! We invested in an upgraded CRM (Infusionsoft) and have seen great results, especially in streamlining some of our book launch processes. While we have more room to improve and more changes planned in the year ahead, I am thankful for progress.
  • Amazing Clients – We are blessed to serve the most wonderful people. Each client we serve truly seeks to make a difference through their content and we are honored to support them. With each book we launch and each project we begin, I learn so much from the people with whom we are privileged to work.
  • A Giveaway – We had fun this year celebrating two years in business and giving away a signed book every week for most of the year. What’s more fun than giving great books away? Creating buzz for each other as a result of the giveaway!
  • Team Buzz Builder – Our network of bloggers are consistently supportive of our book launches and authors. Their enthusiasm and support is tremendous. I considered each blogger an important part of our Weaving Influence family.

A Few Person Highlights

  • Opportunities To Speak – I enjoyed the chance to present at the BK Author Co-Op Marketing Event this summer in San Francisco and an opportunity to do my first keynote speech. ¬†I love speaking and I’d love to present at your event.
  • My First marathon¬† – I ran my first marathon in April of this year. Training for a marathon seemed like a crazy undertaking in the midst of running my growing business, but it worked. Discipline creates more discipline.
  • Meeting Clients & Team Members In Person – This November, I met our web developer, John Marcello, for the first time, after working together for nearly two years. I also met several other subcontractors and spent time with clients in person. This face-time is one of my biggest joys and I hope for more opportunities to meet with clients, team members, and collaborators/partners in 2015.

Though this road is never easy, I am beyond blessed and beyond grateful for this work and for all the people this work touches.