Featured On Friday: Carrie Koens @CGkoens

Featured On Friday: Carrie Koens @CGkoens

After years of highlighting amazing Weaving Influence clients, sharing about upcoming events, meeting & greeting with our team members, and more, our very own Carrie Koens has stepped down from her role as resident Featured on Friday writer and book launch director to attend to some (growing) family affairs.

We are so grateful for the amazing work Carrie has done for us and our clients and for the insight and energy she brought to every task at hand.

Our entire team wishes Carrie and her husband well as they embark on a new amazing journey to adopt a sibling group of five from Costa Rica.

From Carrie to YOU

Dear Online Friends,

Over the last 4+ years, I have discovered strengths I didn’t know I had, faced challenges that caused me to draw on those strengths, and developed skills that will serve me as I move forward into this next phase of life.

When my husband and I made the decision to adopt five siblings, we knew that the world would call us crazy, and that life as we knew it, would change forever. However, it’s not the first time we’ve been called crazy or turned our world upside down. When I left my steady job at the pharmacy to work for a woman I’d only met on Twitter, I was also called crazy – and over 4 years later, I’d say it also changed my life forever.

#iamthankful for the people I’ve met through my work with Weaving Influence – clients, bloggers, and co-workers. I’m excited (and nervous) about my future role as “mom,” but can already see how some of the skills and strengths discovered and acquired during my time with Weaving Influence will be called upon once again as I go forward in this next phase of life.

Grateful for the memories, the experiences, and the friendships formed. It’s not farewell, just “see you later!”

All the best,


How You Can Help

You can learn more and help out financially at their YouCaring site or send them something from their Amazon registry. Prayers are always welcome, too.

FoF Lives On

Don’t worry–Featured on Friday posts are here to stay! I (Margy) and my co-worker Elizabeth will be taking over from here on out. Have any suggestions? Let us know here in the comments.

Happy Friday!

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Margy Kerr-Jarrett enjoys reading, writing, and spending time in nature with her husband and daughter. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Margy has been living in Jerusalem, Israel for the past three years.

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  • Love to you all – and thanks for this, Margy. I know that you and Elizabeth will do an outstanding job keeping up the FonF posts, and I’m honored to be your first one. 🙂

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