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We are so grateful for all of our clients and their decision to entrust their book launch or social media promotion to us. It’s an honor to be able to stand behind these amazing people and support their efforts through social media channels. However, over time, no matter how much you might enjoy certain aspects of your work, a job is still a job, and there are still going to be days when you would rather do something else… like grab a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins and curl up with a good book – without worrying that the content is too long for a tweet. But then you meet a client who quickly moves to the next level and becomes a friend, and you remember why you love this job, and you feel blessed to play a supporting role in their work. And that’s exactly how I feel about today’s Featured on Friday guest…


Deb is one of the kindest, sweetest women who you will ever have the privilege to meet. She’s also one of the smartest. After she helped create a brand new concentration called Cognitive Science, Deb graduated from Brown University in just three years. She went on to work at Bell Labs where she designed and patented an integrated multimedia-messaging platform (don’t ask me what that means – I was an English major!). She’s now one of the top 40 bloggers on innovation, a mentor to young entrepreneurs, a college instructor, inspiring speaker, writer at Harvard Business Review, wife, mom, and a fan of the Maine coast. To read more, you should visit the About page on her website. You’ll be amazed at what this woman has already accomplished, as well as all that she continues to do.


CXO Talk – This is taking place on Google+ TODAY (Friday, Nov 8) at 3:00 pm (ET)!

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Visit Deb’s website, follow her on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.


Watch Deb in action at #BIF9! If you can find 15 minutes in your day, I highly recommend listening to what she has to say, and not because she’s a client or a friend, but because I actually learned from it and I think you will too!

Share Your Thoughts: When and where did you first come across Deb? If you could ask her any question, what would you ask?