I don’t know about you, but it feels like summer is now in full swing! Our team has travel fever, and we’re all scattering to various parts of the country and the world. This week Becky has been on vacation with her family (with a quick visit to see Chip Bell), while our head PR gal, Megan, and her husband are winging their way to Europe for a final hurrah before their first child arrives. Others are planning for trips to Disney World and Aruba, and my own suitcases are currently waiting for me to pack for our vacation that starts tomorrow.

It’s always fun to go somewhere you haven’t been to before (as I am doing, and hitting my 47th U.S. state in the process), and get to know new people. And while not everyone can escape from their desk or go somewhere tropical, everyone can learn something new (and maybe meet some new people) by clicking on the links below. So take a virtual vacation and visit a new online destination this week!

What great links would you like to share with us? Or just leave a comment to share about  your vacation plans!