In 2011, Becky Robinson attended her first ATD International Conference. It was at that event where she first met Ken Blanchard (who she’s hopint to seeing again this year) and Jim Kouzes (who she’ll be speaking with this coming Monday in a FREE webinar, along with Bill Treasurer).

It’s been 5 years since her first experience there, and now she’s headed back and taking some of the #WITeam with her!

If you’re planning to attend the ATD International Conference, May 22-25, add booth #448 to your itinerary. Coming from both coasts, as well as Michigan, Becky, Christy, and Kylah are looking forward to their meet up in Denver, CO.

In addition to enjoying the opportunity for part of our virtual team to connect in person, Becky, Christy, and Kylah are also looking forward to spreading the word about our free training and development opportunities, both through our webinars as well as through our Corporate Champions program.

There is so much to take in at ATD, from the sessions to the workshops to the booths. In fact, after you stop by and see our team at booth #448 (and register to win one of our giveaways – more on that in a moment!), don’t stop there!

  • Make a note to visit Ken Blanchard’s team at booth #401
  • Our friends from Berrett-Koehler at booth #909
  • Stop and see Christy at the CTI booth (#739)
  • Of course, you won’t want to miss seeing Bill Treasurer at the Giant Leap Consulting booth (#627)
  • Plus so many more!

The Giveaway!

Yes, in addition to the fantastic learning opportunities you will experience at ATD, you will also have the opportunity to enter to win either a Thought Leadership Snapshot (valued at $200), or a Strategic Consultation (valued at $1500). What’s included?

  • Thought Leadership Snapshot: We take a broad view of your social media profiles and online assets, and then provide strategic recommendations for improvements to your online profiles.
  • Strategic Consultation: After conducting a thorough review of your existing online presence, we’ll work gain a clear understanding of your goals and collaborate to identify the core audience for your work; exploring next steps, creating a strategic plan, and providing tactical recommendations. Through our work together, we strive to lay a solid foundation for your future success.

Are you ready for ATD? We look forward to seeing you there!