Today’s Featured on Friday is a fun one for me. The blogging world is an interesting way to build community. It was through my own personal blog that I first met Elizabeth. She had been kind enough to leave a comment, which I then clicked through to discover her blog and we started commenting back and forth.

Over a few months of blog hopping, I eventually discovered that she was about to release her first book and was looking for ways to promote it. It’s a long story, but the end result was that I got to help her launch Touching the Hem last spring, and through the process, she ended up coming on board the Weaving Influence team. That’s what I like to call a WIN-WIN!

Meet Elizabeth Johnson

Tell me a little bit about yourself, Elizabeth. 
  • I am a disciple of Christ and wife to my college sweetheart, James. I’m a fighter of chronic illness, a writer, and a lover of theology… all of which led to getting my first book published last spring! I also blog regularly at DogFur and Dandelions, read voraciously, and love connecting with new friends. My husband & I are currently living in South Carolina, where we’re preparing for a dual ministry in church planting and the Army chaplaincy.
How long have you been doing work for Weaving Influence?
  • I started working regularly with Weaving Influence in April 2013 – right around the time my book was published. It was exciting to me, as an author, to be a part of promoting other authors across the web, and I’m constantly amazed at how God brought it all together.
What’s your favorite aspect of your work?
  • That’s a hard one to answer – not because there’s no favorite aspect, but because there’s too many! I love our team – we have some amazing people who teach me so much, not just about the job but personally too, as we struggle and grow together and cheer each other on. I love that I get paid to do what I was already doing for fun, for myself – but now I get to help others with it, too. I love that it’s helping me overcome the effects of a serious illness, by allowing me to add structure to my days and stretching my capacity (in a good way), while offering enough flexibility that I can still adequately care for my physical needs.
What’s your favorite pastime?
  • Reading! I joke that I was born with a book in my hand. The truth is, I taught myself to read when I was three, and haven’t stopped since.
How did you meet Becky Robinson?
  • Short answer: on Twitter (fitting, isn’t it?). Longer answer: somehow I came across Carrie Koens’ blog, and started reading it and getting to know her on Twitter. Through her, I was introduced to Becky (and the other team members of Weaving Influence). Becky had just released 31 Days of Twitter Tips, which I found tremendously helpful, and we began interacting on Twitter as a result. I quickly grew to admire her passion and ideas that became Weaving Influence, and am thrilled that I now get to work under her leadership and expertise.
Tell us something unusual about yourself.
  • We love visiting state parks and national parks – for both the national history and the mountain trails. We enjoy learning firsthand about our nation’s greatest moments and heroes, and exploring God’s beautiful creation together. In fact, that mutual enjoyment stems back to the beginning of our relationship… when we were hiking in a local state park, and I tripped and fell (quite literally) at his feet. We started dating seriously just a few weeks later, and the rest is history! How’s that for a love story? 🙂

Thanks for telling us about your Weaving Influence story, Elizabeth! We’re glad to have you on the team!