Today we’re doing something a little bit different – we’re talking about moms. It seemed appropriate, with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday and so many working moms on our team.

When I first started working with Becky in 2012, her youngest daughter was just starting Kindergarten and there were a number of calls that autumn when Becky would say to me, “I’m sitting in the school hallway right now, she just needs to know I’m here.”

In school, in life, in business – isn’t that what we all need sometimes? Just to know someone is there if you need them? In many of our lives – at least in the early days – that person is often our mother. Don’t get me wrong, dads can be great pillars of support as well (mine certainly is), but when you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and all you want to do is cry, mom is the safe haven. Thank you, Mom!

To continue down this path of gratitude for mothers, I asked several members of the Weaving Influence team to share something personal about themselves as a mother, or about their moms. I absolutely loved the answers that I got, and I believe you will too.

We’ll start this post off with “our fearless leader,” and mom of 3 girls, Becky Robinson.

“I love the opportunity to include my kids in my work and have them glimpse what it means to be an entrepreneur and business owner, while balancing family life too. 

For example, I recently took one of my daughters to a bookstore event in hopes of meeting local authors for Hometown Reads. She loves books, like I do, and it was fun to incorporate a little work during a Saturday outing. 


I’ve involved my girls in other ways over the years, with helping to ship authors’ books for launches, and having them do small chores like shredding at the office. I also love when they can meet clients and team members, like we did last summer on the #witour. They got to tour Chick-Fil-A headquarters, have a pool party with Jennifer Kahnweiler, and enjoy many meals with our amazing team.”
My hope is that they will know that work can fit into life and they can accomplish big things while making a difference for their families, too. @beckyrbnsn 

We have two team members named, “Christy” – Christy K. and “Christy V.” When I asked for “mom” stories, Christy V. shared her appreciation for her mother, “I wanted to note what a wonderful influence my mom has been on me. I can’t imagine raising five kids under the age of six and she did it with such grace and compassion. She has truly been a staple in teaching me so much about life.” And then she went on to share how this year, Mother’s Day had become personal – news that we are so very excited to be able to now share with all of you!

This mother’s day is a special one as one year from now I will be celebrating as a mother myself! We are having a baby in October! Working for Weaving Influence will be the perfect job for me during this transition as I can still work from home while caring for this baby. It really provides the perfect work/life balance.

Congratulations, Christy V. (and hubby!) – we know you’ll make a wonderful mom!

Christy K. also shared a very touching story about her mom, a reminder of how each one of us begins to see things differently as we get older and have children of our own.

My mom stayed home when my brother and I were little. She decided to go to work when I was in junior high. Part of my school day ritual had always been coming home and telling my mom all about my day–probably in more detail than she wanted, but she always listened, asked questions, was involved in these daily recaps. When she went to work, she made a point of being available every day when I would get home from school. I would call her at work and she would take time to hear my triumphs and travails.

At the time, I didn’t realize that making a space for that daily call might cause her difficulty at work. As a working mom myself now, I understand how hard it can be to get businesses and managers to understand the importance of family-even when we’re at work. I can only imagine how my mom–returning to the work force–had to juggle to make that time for me each day, but she did, because she knew it mattered to me and it mattered to her.”

“What a gift to have a mother who always put me first. I cherish her now more than ever.

I loved what Paula shared about her mother… and the accompanying photo!

This is my mom’s (Letha) first selfie. I have lost track of how many selfies I have taken. The amount of selfies I have taken is not (I hope!) an indicator of narcissism — they’re mostly to encourage my fellow fitness fans — but still — for a Baby Boomer I take a LOT of pictures of myself.


What I love about my mom is that she has handed down the value of humility and putting others first. Even if she were younger and part of the social media craze, I doubt she would be taking very many selfies. Maybe offering to take the pictures (but worrying about getting it right) but probably encouraging everyone in the pictures by telling them how great they look. 

She makes a difference by encouraging, behind the scenes. And the people who do that in this world sometimes create more powerful impacts than the ones in front of the camera.

Last, but certainly not least, is Amy’s contribution. Amy’s a mom of 4 who spent years as a working mom — in some cases working right up to her due date — who knows what it’s like to juggle a career with raising a family. Because of her previous experience in the 9-to-5 world, she really values the flexibility that working with Weaving Influence has given her.

I’m so blessed to work in a company that allows me to put family first and be there for all the amazing things my kids are involved in or to stay home with them when they’re sick.

I’m the working mom who still makes it to all the track meets, band performances, lacrosse games, and field trips.

My oldest graduates in less than a month and I realize just how fleeting these years are. I wouldn’t want to miss a moment!

See? I told you this would be an enjoyable post to read! Maybe it triggered some memories of your own, or gratitude for something your mom did that you had forgotten about. While chocolates and flowers and dinky mugs that say, “World’s Best Mom” are nice – why not do something different this year and write your mother a letter of thanks? Let her know that her years of just “being in the hallway” when you needed her, did not go unnoticed.

On a personal note: Some of you might know that I’ve got some life changes of my own going on. After 16 years of just-the-two-of-us bliss, my husband and I are shaking things up as we prepare to bring home 5 children (all siblings) from Costa Rica this summer, and learn how to be a family. Life, as we know it, will never be the same, but next year I’m sure I’ll have a better appreciation for my own mom… another mother of 5.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere, including those who have been “like a mom” to so many.