We’re so appreciative of the amazing bloggers that make up Team Buzz Builder, our network of online influencers working together to make a difference by sharing buzz about messages that matter. We are thrilled for this Featured on Friday to feature some of the books our buzz builders have launched in the past year.

Let’s meet our 2016 TBB authors and their books!

Mark Deterding, Leading Jesus’ WayLeading Jesus’ Way is how you become the leader God created you to be. Read this book to learn an actionable model of servant leadership that will positively impact both your personal and professional life. Leading Jesus’ Way will help you step into faith-based servant leadership, too. You can take your faith to work, get great results, and build up the people you work with using the lessons in this powerful book. Tweet for Mark: Check out a fantastic new book about #servant #leadership by @mwdeterding called #LeadingJesusWay http://amzn.to/2f7XNmI

Byron Ernest, The Hand in the Back of the Room: Connecting School Work to Real LifeThe challenge to all of us in education is to find ways to make learning visible by connecting school work and real life for the students we serve. One of the ways to do that is to call on “the hand in the back of the room” and answer “why” with real world relevancy. Teachers many times fail to provide a context through observations, inferences, and actions appropriate for students to make the connection to the real world. These connections help the students to understand higher-level science concepts. The ultimate goal of education is to improve student achievement and performance, and the contents of this book reveal that teaching science in a relevant context could positively impact this achievement and performance. Tweet for Byron: Teachers, need help #connecting school work and life? Check out The Hand in the Back of the Room by @ByronErnest ! http://amzn.to/2f89s4F

Sean Glaze, The Ten Commandments of Winning Teammates – Winning Teammates are the people that make it possible for any group to succeed… the people who others depend on. In the book, you meet Nick Turner, a talented worker who finds himself changing jobs – again. While packing to move, he finds an old piece of paper tucked away in a shoe box… a forgotten gift from his high school coach with a list of ways to be a winning teammate. As he travels to his new job, he has a series of interesting interactions that illustrate the importance of the 10 Commandments his coach had emphasized years earlier.  The ten lessons he benefits from during his journey will inspire you to be a winning teammate – regardless of the industry you work in. Tweet for Sean: Author Sean Glaze @leadyourteam shares his 10 commandments for #winning #teammates http://amzn.to/2giq9dP

Rebecca Henderson, Serving with Significance – Many books on volunteerism and leadership are more theory than practice. Serving with Significance is full of easy-to-follow tips that can be implemented immediately by its readers. Although some people are lucky enough to be born leaders, leadership is a skill that can be learned. Like most skills, the more it is practiced, the better one gets. The concept of volunteerism at its very roots is changing the community and the world in which we live. Leading the charge toward making a positive difference in the world is one of the few opportunities that every person can take advantage of at any point in his or her life. Tweet for Rebecca: Meet @rebeccainjc and her first book about #leading through #service http://amzn.to/2fGMtds

Congrats to Mark, Byron, Sean, and Rebecca! We’re thrilled to support you!