Happy September! We’re back into book launch season after a minimal “slow down”, launching just five books in June, July, and August. Since we didn’t really get a break this summer, I’m looking forward to taking a few days off next week before we jump into our autumn schedule – which is fast filling up! If you’re a member of Team Buzz Builder, get ready for your inboxes to start filling up with great promotional opportunities for 2015 – Q4 and 2016 – Q1.

Speaking of TBB, you may recall that the last Buzz Builder we profiled lived in Kenya. Well, this time it’s an American expat living in Australia! Yes, we are definitely a global community of promoters. And now if my husband and I ever make it “Down Under”, we will have someone else to look up!

Meet Alli Polin!

I’m glad we finally found time to connect, Alli! First question: Why do you like being a part of Team Buzz Builder?

There are a few things that I like about TBB. First, supporting other authors and thought leaders is important to me. Secondly, it really is a community of people who make it all work. I love being a part of this robust network. 

What benefit do you think you receive from being a part of Team Buzz Builder?

A bunch! I get to read and share new books with my blog audience. Also, I appreciate that Team Buzz Builder supports and promotes all members of the community and their blogs.

So, if someone asked you why they should join, what would you tell them?

Team Buzz Builder creates buzz for people and organizations that are doing great work in the world – not only maximizing profits. People should join to get exposed and connected to brands and bloggers that are making a difference.  

This is always my favorite question: tell me about your work/family/life/hobbies!

I’m an American expat living in the Australian Outback with my husband and two children since 2012. Every school holiday, we travel somewhere new to take advantage of our time living overseas. I also coach and speak globally from new homebase. In addition, I write about personal development for my blog, www.breaktheframe.com, and have just completed writing my first fiction novel. 

Want to learn more about Alli? I first connected with her Twitter, but she’s also on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I recommend following her on all three!

I appreciate Alli, and all of our past & current Buzz Builders who have so selflessly given of their time and talents in promoting books, and generously shared their blog space and social reach with our authors. Each one is a valuable part of our network, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. It’s a privilege for me to have opportunities to engage with our Buzz Building community throughout each launch. Go Team!

Are you a Team Buzz Builder Member who would like to be featured in one of our Friday posts, or are you interested in learning more about TBB? Email me for more details!