Although Team Buzz Builder (TBB) has been around since the early days of Weaving Influence, one of our areas of focus for 2016 has been on getting to know the unique individuals who make up TBB. Whether through email exchanges or chatting with each other in our Facebook TBB Community group, it’s been fascinating to learn more about these amazing folks who volunteer their time and efforts to support our launches.

This year we’ve seen a number of new faces on our launch team lists, and we’ve watched with interest the new promotional ideas they’ve been bringing with them. Whether it’s a blab book review posted to YouTube, image creation for Pinterest sharing, or utilizing LinkedIn Pulse to host an interview, each of our newest members has challenged us to never stop innovating with our book launches. We love our #WICommunity!

Today’s highlighted team member is one of our newest members, and she’s jumped in with both feet!

Meet Dawn-Marie Cornett!

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, Dawn-Marie. First question:

As a newer member of Team Buzz Builder, what have you enjoyed the most about your experience thus far?

I’ve always enjoyed promoting products and publications I truly believe in. So joining Team Buzz Builder was right up my alley. However, I’ve been so impressed with the level of engagement of the team and the support offered by Weaving Influence’s exceptional people. In the past, my volunteer promotion efforts have been completely self guided. There’s been no team. Being involved with everyone here has been a privilege and a lot of fun.

What has surprised you about being a TBB member?

The biggest surprise was to discover how many busy professionals are willing to donate their time to help authors, editors, and others, whom they may not even know, be successful. I have felt lonely in my desire to give my time and skills away with no obvious return. I’ve even been criticized by well-meaning friends who believe nothing should be done for free. But I believe that good given is an investment in both the receiver and the giver. Money may not exchange hands, but there is definite benefit for all involved.

If someone asked you why they should join, what would you tell them?

I believe that good ideas and good people should be supported. Join to spread ideas you believe in. Join to meet interesting people. Join to get more attention for your own work. Whether you are altruistic to your core, or you are simply looking for a new self-promotion opportunity, Team Buzz Builder is worth your time and effort.

Tell me about your work/family/life/hobbies…

I’m a Life Coach that specializes in helping individuals in their business and personal lives learn to communicate better, make better decisions, and find ways to benefit others with their talents and skills. I’ve done everything from help parents and teens improve their relationship to take contract work for product management, publication editing, and team building. I’ve given more than 20 seminars and published many articles and blogs. I absolutely love what I do.

I’m also a mom of 3 amazing kids in their teens and early twenties. That’s truly the best job I’ve ever had.

I’m a classically trained singer. I sing mostly in church now, but I do have a couple songs online that I wrote and performed with others. I’m very outdoorsy. Hiking and canoeing are my favorite. And I read constantly. Business, psychology, education, and religion are my favorite topics. I’m always reading at least 3 books at a time, but usually more.

Connect with Dawn-Marie Online

Twitter: @dawnmariec


Read Her Review of CTDO as a TBB member: LinkedIn Pulse