When I met Becky Robinson on Twitter four years ago – and then came on as a contractor with her new company – one of the first things she told me about was a team that she was putting together, creating “buzz builders” for book launches. As a bookworm myself, I loved the idea of a group that centered around reading books and supporting authors.

Fast-forward and I was given the opportunity to have a lot more personal interaction with our Buzz Builders when another team member, Joanna, went on an extended maternity leave. Prior to her departure, Joanna had become our primary point of contact during launches as she sent out guest posts to bloggers and connected authors and Team Buzz Builder members for interviews.

When she left it fell to me, as the Book Launch Director, to take over. I followed her notes, built relationships, and for the last year and a half have found it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of my work with Weaving Influence. As I prepare to move on to new adventures and Joanna has returned, I’m handing the communication back into her capable hands. It’s fun that we’ve come full circle.

Who are the Buzz Builders?

If you don’t know this already – our Team Buzz Builder folks are some of the best supporters out there. They freely give of their time, talents, online space, and social media audiences when it comes to our launches and promotional efforts.

They are polite, enthusiastic, forgiving, and generous. They are bloggers, leaders, teachers, speakers, salesmen, doctors, and authors. They are husbands, wives, grandfathers, grandmothers, right-wing, left-wing, and centrists. But above all else – they are readers. 

While they may have different backgrounds, careers, faiths, or political leanings – their love of learning, leadership, and community are what bring them together, making supporting our books their common ground.

What are the Benefits?

Well, just for starters…

  • Free books for every launch you join (PDF’s – when available – for those in our international community)
  • Internal community building on our new (this year) Facebook Community page (request to join)
  • The ability to connect with authors in the leadership and business worlds
  • Opportunities to guest post on the Weaving Influence and Lead Change Group blogs
  • Unique content (new or repurposed from their new book) from leadership/business authors to use on your blog or LinkedIn account
  • Invitations to our FREE webinars with top thought-leaders and authors

And if you don’t want to take MY word for it, here’s what some of our Buzz Builders had to say when I interviewed them for their highlight Featured on Friday posts over the years…

“I am blown away by the quality and quantity of support materials that are available to us to help promote the authors and their titles.  I have not seen anything like this level of support anywhere else.” — John Smith, The Strategic Learner

“I have also learned so much from the books that I have read through TBB and find they add value to me every day at work and even at home.”  — Chantal Bechervaise, Take It Personel-ly

“I’ve been so impressed with the level of engagement of the team and the support offered by Weaving Influence’s exceptional people. […] Being involved with everyone here has been a privilege and a lot of fun.” — Dawn-Marie Cornett, LinkedIn

“If anyone is interested in extending their personal connections with some of the leading characters in our field, this is definitely one way to do it!” — John Thurlbeck, Wear Consulting, Ltd

“I appreciate that Team Buzz Builder supports and promotes all members of the community and their blogs.” — Alli Polin, Break the Frame

“Not only do I get to serve, the books I have reviewed have now become part of my arsenal of “go-to” references.” — Kimunya Mugo, Lead By Choice

“I love the opportunity to interact with brands and other bloggers in a meaningful way and Team Buzz Builder offers this!” — Christopher Lewis, Dad of Divas

“I’ve found that the books I receive through Team Buzz Builder (TBB) are always beyond the cutting edge, which helps me to stay at the top of my game.” — Rebecca Henderson, Amazon

“I can count on the Buzz Building team to present me with books tailored to my interests.” — Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation

“Each contact with the TBB team is a learning experience.  You really get a sense of being a part of the team.” — Andy Uskavitch, SuperVISION Motivation

“Being a Buzz Builder, I have a steady stream of books to read on important topics, plus I get to listen in on author chats and have even gotten personal emails from them. I get to surround myself with people I consider probably the most positive members of the human race.” — Jane Anderson, Insite Skill


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