Not long ago, I asked the question “Would an iPhone make it easier?” Many of you shared your thoughts. After owning an iPhone for all of about 48 hours, I am not really ready to answer my own question, yet. But I thought it might be fun to share about… well, about the fun my family and I are having with my new phone so far.

QR Codes

One of the reasons I wanted to get a smartphone now is so that I can explore using QR Codes in my marketing efforts.

Since I got the phone, my husband and daughters have been looking for QR codes. Mr. Becky found some in his Sporting News and the girls found several in ads in my Parents magazine.

Here’s what I don’t understand: several of the codes we’ve found require specific readers. Why? It seems counterproductive. I get that advertisers may want to use colorful and unique images. AND, I would think they would want to make it easy for people to access their advertising. I don’t personally care enough about your ad to download another code reader.

So, we’ve been playing with making, and reading, QR codes.

If you’re using QR codes, for fun or for business, I would love to hear about it!


Mr. Becky put lots of cool music on my new phone. Often, rides to and from school include whining and fighting. Now, we have music at the ready. (Yes, I have a CD player in the van. And a radio. But everyone fights over which CD to play. Not anymore.) And we rock it out during car pool.


I’m not a gamer. I’d rather tweet. But my kids have played a few and Mr. Becky has discovered Angry Birds. I may never get my phone back.

My Kindle App

Yesterday, I discovered that I can read on my Kindle app and run on the treadmill at the same time. Yes, I’m talented. Expect me to get in better shape, mentally and physically, fast. Right now, I am reading Seth Godin’s Poke the Box. Great stuff. And I run faster when I’m thinking about something besides running.

Happy iPhone to me. Now I just have to take care that it doesn’t end up in the dryer.

Tell me something! What are your favorite iPhone apps? How do you use QR codes? What fun do you have with your smart phone?