A recent realization about work, dreams, and pursuing goals in life.

Late Friday afternoon, about a week ago:

I had exchanged a few tweets with a long-time Twitter friend while he worked to book speakers for an event. I had ideas for him: connections to make, friends to refer. I wanted to help.

After missing a few calls from him, I finally had a quiet moment to return his call.

And, instead of talking about my friends, he wanted to talk about me. He asked me to speak, to present a break-out session at a conference.

That he might consider me never occurred to me — not at all — until he asked.

Then I realized: I’ve done this before, given my dreams away, suggested others for opportunities when I wanted, instead, to say: me! Pick me! 

Exhibit A:

Forgive me if you’ve heard me tell this story before. I responded to the Facebook status update to the left with a list, a long list, of suggested friends. As an afterthought, I added: I’ve always wanted to do freelance writing.

That story, like this recent one, had a happy ending. I got the gig.

But 3 Years later, and I am still. doing. the same. thing. Offering others when I want to offer myself.

Giving my dreams away.

I have been thinking about why. The obvious answer is that I lack self-confidence. I know that’s part of it. I know the truth of  what I can do. And I listen to lies. I know the truth and I listen to the lies, all at once. 

Of course, I want to help others. I love seeing others succeed and feel important if I help someone else make a great connection. I would have been very happy to see my friend chosen to speak at the conference. But I don’t think that’s the whole answer, either.

So, this is what I am pondering: Why do I give my dreams away? How can I fully embrace and pursue my dreams? 

Tell me something! What are your dreams? How are you pursuing them? What holds you back from fully embracing and pursuing your dreams?