On the heels of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, social media users are skeptical now more than ever to trusting influencers. Users are questioning how ads are targeted to them, what links are clickbait, and why the have to share their email address, and more. This makes the ever-so challenging digital marketing world that much harder to wade through to bring attention to your brand.

But, this one element can revolutionize the way you look at your social media — trust. Human relationships revolve around trust and without it there can be no relationship. Pay special attention to the word I used, “relationship.” I often tell clients that building followers is about building relationships.  In the real world, you do this by spending quality time with others, sharing memories, telling others your deep thoughts and biggest dreams.

Why can’t this be the same for the digital world?

Here are some ideas of how you can show up online in real, compelling ways . . .

In-the-Moment Content

Yes, we all need to promote our products, events, and business-related items. But that isn’t what should reign supreme on your feed. Posting candid, in-the-moment content shows your followers what they want to see . . . you! Waiting at the airport for your next venture? Share a photo. Backstage at before your big speech? Share a video. Behind the scenes at a photoshoot? Go live on Facebook on Instagram.

These small snapshots of real life content breathe life into how you show up online. They give followers a sneak peek into private moments, which makes them feel like they know you. It’s a simple step to build and nurture those relationships.

Sharing Your Views and Values

Sharing your opinion on the world’s hot button issues typically is a no-no. I wouldn’t recommend that a client blast their political views on social media; but sharing your values in a more polished way can create loyal, committed followers. Perhaps you support a charity in your local area or you have a soft spot for neglected animals. You can still share things that are important to you without hitting the “offensive” button.

Sharing your values builds that trust level because you are someone behind that screen with real-life interests. You aren’t just someone with a monetary end game . . . you want to make a difference with what you do.

Tap Into Trending Topics

What’s was your reaction to Michelle Obama’s surprise appearance at the Grammys? Tapping into what’s trending communicates that you are “in the know.” You are watching and reacting to the same top events that you followers are. You can sparingly use this content to place your stamp of opinion on topics in your wheelhouse, whether it be leadership or fashion. It makes your feed feel a bit more real and authentic.

Today’s social media marketing is more than the mundane, cookie-cutter content. Users want to feel as if what you are posting is directly personalized to them. I encourage you to not see this as a challenge, but an opportunity to step outside the box. Take a personal inventory and re-think how you want to show up online. Just remember to keep trust and relationship-building top of mind!