Coronavirus is having a substantial impact on the world and the ability to travel for live events. Rather than cancelling your events altogether, re-envision them. Our newly crafted ebook will give you the insider secrets to hosting an engaging online training, webinar, or workshop fit for your key stakeholders.

Instead of cancelling events, GO VIRTUAL

The decision to create online events can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never hosted or participated in online events before. While planning and executing online events in an engaging, interactive way does require planning and preparation, the end result is of value to all who participate.

To help set you up for success in your decision to Go Virtual with training or events, we’ve put together a checklist of 5 areas of focus for your planning, preparation, and execution. We based this guide on lessons learned through planning, marketing, and delivering dozens of free webinar events over the last 5+ years. We’re here to help if you need additional guidance.

Having run hundreds of webinars for our clients, we have a specialized process for creating and implementing digital webinars that will help you build your audience and establish your authority as a thought leader. Over the years, we have spent countless hours testing and retesting our methods, and have figured out a comprehensive strategy that anyone can use to host a successful online event. In fact, after conducting yearly surveys with our attendees, our online events come with a 95% recommendation rate.

With our tested online event strategy, you can . . .

Instead of Cancelling Events, GO VIRTUAL

  • Market yourself to new audiences with the flexibility of hosting events from right where you are.
  • Host a cost-effective event that doesn’t require travel, but still allows you to connect virtually with a global audience.
  • Collect important data about your audience with advanced technology, and easily nurture warm leads.
  • Easily use your presentation as evergreen content, which you can re-use or re-purpose for future marketing material.
  • Build an engaged community around your work and set the stage for future opportunities.

Ready to get started?

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If you need help developing a marketing plan around your next online event, we’re here to help! We also facilitate events with both technical and hosting support, if you need it. Simply contact us here to start a discussion.