Do you stack books on your nightstand and leave them to silently collect dust?

I keep my stack on the floor by my bed, on my desk, and in piles around my office, until Sharon, my assistant, carefully shelves books, asking which ones I want to keep on the stacks.

None of us read ever read our whole stacks or piles at once; instead, we pick up one book at a time. If we are deliberate, we read one word at a time. If we are skimmers, we scan entire pages at a time.

I am a skimmer and scanner typically, though I daydream about wide open hours to sit quietly with a book and notepad like I might have done during college.

The truth is, scanning books does not result in the learning I really want.

Instead, my greatest learning comes in bursts and snippets.

I learn from the wise words of a friend, as I did yesterday when my friend Mike Henry asked me a very challenging question.

Or I learn from a phrase that jumps of the pages of a book to imprint in my memory.

Or from a powerful tweet that I gold star.

Lately, I’ve been finding some very powerful ideas on a platform called the Aha Amplifier.

The small bursts of content on the Aha Amplifier are created to be shared with others. When you activate a book, you see three thoughts at a time from the book.

Seeing the ideas in groups of three creates potential for deeper growth and impact. Reading in threes slows down the skimmer in me. I can take each thought into my mind as I would sip a fine wine, turning it over to see how it tastes. When I find a taste I like, I can share.

This morning, I’m excited about two of our clients who have new books on the platform, Linda Freeman and Bill Treasurer. Both books are free and both can be sampled in small bites and shared to create greater impact.

If you are hungry for learning that will stick to your ribs, visit the Aha Amplifier today and activate Linda and Bill’s books. While you’re there, sample one of my two books also (Insights from Top Leadership Authors, Influence).┬áSavor each bite, one at a time, to create the biggest possibility for growth.

And be sure to bookmark the site and return regularly, because new books publish nearly every day.