I feel a bit self conscious writing about generosity as a core value of my company. Part of being generous, in my belief, is humility. Generosity that boasts is self-serving and self-promotional.

I want my giving to be quiet, heart-felt, and behind-the-scenes. I want to be able to delight people with unexpected additions and unsolicited extras.

I want to give because I can, and because it’s the right thing to do.

Our value of generosity stems from an abundance mentality: there is more than enough work, more than enough time, more than enough energy, more than enough of everything we need.

I also want to weave the value of generosity into everything we do as a company, so that as a team we live this value daily, without question.

Here are a few of the ways we express generosity.

We are generous with kindness, encouragement, and love. When we give praise to others or share a thoughtful word, it costs us nothing, and the return on that investment of generosity is inestimable. I want my team to be generous in helping each other grow and develop as people and professionals. I want to personally be generous in expressing my love and gratitude for my team, clients, partners, and collaborators.

We are generous in our support and promotion of others. Whenever possible, my team and I want to thoughtfully promote great content others are creating, both our clients’ content and content of  friends, partners, and others we meet.

We are generous in sharing what we know. We are in the process of making all of the e-book resources I’ve ever written available for free download. We regularly host free webinars. We have a wealth of content available in the archives of this blog. We share creative ideas, insights, and best practices.

We are generous in sharing our network. Whenever possible, I like to make great introductions. If I know someone who can help you, why wouldn’t I be generous with that introduction?

We are generous with our services. Once we have a contract with a client, we look for ways to go above and beyond what we’ve promised, whenever possible. We also serve some non-profit clients with a special pricing structure.

Giving is an upside-down equation that never varies. When I give more, I have more.

What I have found is this: when I give more, I have more.

I give encouragement, I give love, I give time, I give grace, I give hope, I give passion —and  it pours down on me, overflowing, faster than I can give it away, never depleted.

Tell me something! How do you express generosity? How have you experienced generosity from others?

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