When I think of growth many images parade through my mind. I often go back to the hours spent at the gym, watching as my young daughter was coached through hours upon hours of incremental skills.

Skills that didn’t look like much to the untrained eye but coalesced years later into maneuvers even a layperson could identify as cartwheels and handsprings.

I am relatively new to the Weaving Influence Team, but I have been a Team Buzz Builder contributor for years and do not feel like I am coming onto the team as a complete newbie.

I am looking forward to growing with the team, and am already energized by the commitment I see to the Weaving Influence core value of growth. This commitment plays out in several ways.

We constantly seek to define our goals

When my daughter was a 6-year-old recreational gymnast, she wanted to be on pre-team. When she was on pre-team she wanted to make the competitive team.

Once she was on the competitive team, there were 10 levels to which she could aspire, each one with specific skills to be mastered and milestones to reach before moving on.

In an organization like Weaving Influence, we know we want to grow but we are constantly defining what that means.

With each success, we identify something even greater to achieve.

I am sure of one thing: although we are a business, we are as much about relationships as we are about profits.

We do not try to be all things to all people

Weaving Influence helps authors and thought leaders build their online presence. We don’t write the books themselves; we won’t be building brick and mortar stores. That would detract from what we do best: partnering with people who have already created great content to help that content vault into wider exposure than they have time to cultivate on their own.

We take risks.

Although we refuse to dilute our impact by trying to be all things to all people we insist on being innovative and taking risks for our clients. By embracing resources such as the Aha Amplifier, we are enhancing traditional promotional methods with the capacity afforded by technology. An author may not have time to dabble with the newest options out there, but we can and we will.

We are honest with one another

At Weaving Influence, we swim in a flood of leadership-related content minute by minute. Most leadership content espouses transparencyauthenticity, and honesty among coworkers.

These qualities look so easy in print but in reality can be among the biggest challenges to internal communication. The Weaving Influence team relies on trusting one another enough to be honest; it makes for a better and more productive team.

We know growth is not easy

With a name like “Weaving Influence” constant activity is implied. Or else it would be “Woven Influence” right?. Back in my gym mom days, I watched an advanced gymnast who was trying to master a very difficult move – a back flip on the balance beam – in tears, for extended periods of time.

As a parent, I wanted the coach to comfort her, to do anything besides what she was doing (just standing there). Turns out that’s why she was the coach and I was the parent. She knew that gymnast had to fight the mental battle alone.

At Weaving Influence, we know growth won’t be easy. We know we will be standing at the precipice of breakthroughs at times, reluctant to do the hard stuff. But we know the hard stuff will get our authors and clients where they need to be. And as a team we have faith that we may end up astonishing ourselves.

What is the most astonishing growth experience you have had? What made it incredible?