If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I start (nearly) every day with the same tweet: “Good morning. Who’s awake?” Over the years, this tweet has produced some interesting conversations, helped me make some key connections, and provided a way for me to ease into my work day.

By far, the most important connection I’ve made through sending that tweet is the one I made with Carrie Koens, who recently marked two years of subcontracting with Weaving Influence. On April 27, 2012, Carrie responded to my tweet, which started a conversation…



Which led to a Direct Message…

Which led to kindnesses…

…which led to more conversations and Carrie becoming a permanent member of my growing team.

I tend to trust my gut with hires, sometimes skipping the typical steps you should take (checking references, reviewing resumes.) In some situations, I will admit that trusting my instincts has been an abysmal failure.

In getting to know Carrie, I read her blog and talked to her by phone. That’s it. So off-the-wall was our connection, that her husband didn’t believe it was a legitimate job until she received her first paycheck in the mail.

I can say without question that my business would not have developed the way it has without Carrie’s dedication, discipline, conscientiousness, focus, and diligence.

And it all started early one morning, on Twitter.

It shows me that the story of my business is much bigger than me — it is the story of the people God is bringing together, in sometimes miraculous ways, to do great work together.

I am so grateful for Carrie and the ways her life and work have blessed my life and business.

I’m not sure you can replicate the results of my early morning tweet, but Twitter can be a great place to make connections that can lead to great opportunities.

Tell me something! Have you ever hired someone you met on Twitter? If you have worked with Carrie, what do you most appreciate about her?